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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-251572-2516Mnthy lobby case Feb 72 - Sci & Tech case (2 views)00630KopickiSci & TechHarrell02/23/19722BW5x7Photog.
72-2517Pres. of WWII uniif. flying jacket to SI Nat. Air & Sp., Gen Vance & Louis Casey00774SweetingNASM - 636R.F.02/23/19725BW2 1/4 x 2 1/4Photog.
72-251872-2519Earlobe necklace - Primitive media of exchange - used in Truk, Caroline Isl. early 20th Cent.00782Clain, SteffanelliNumisR.F.02/23/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-252072-2530Spinning Wheels - early 19th cent2160CooperTextHarrell12/07/197111BW4x5Photog.
72-2531Shots of Golden Marmoset & baby jaguar 3 mo. old0138HamletNat. ZooHof02/15/19721 rlBW120Photog.
72-253272-2534Photog. of people attending the Golden Marmoset Committee at Lions Den of Zoo cafeteria0138HamletNat. ZooHof02/15/19723 rlBW120Photog.
72-253572-2536Windlass crossbow cat #43430 (2 views)CN, CT, CS, B&W0155HowellMil. His.Harrell01/20/19728CS, CT, CN, BWPhotog.2 of each film type
72-253772-2538Heavy crossbow cat. #43431 (2 views)CN, CT, CS, B&W0155HowellMil. His.Harrell01/20/19727CS, CT, CN, BWPhotog.2 of each colour film type, 1 BW
72-2539Balloon exhibit, A&I bldg R. Pineau east wing00791BrayOPAR.F.02/08/19721 rlBW35mmPhotog.
72-254072-2542Ceramic fig. male 71-221, femaile 71-222, & together0215MillerCeramics & GlassHarrell02/11/19723BW4x5Photog.
72-254372-7544Roco vase 72-1 Chelsea, Eng. - Covered jug 72.2 a,b Lowestoft, Eng.0215MillerCeramics & GlassHarrell02/11/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-254572-2549Octagonal dish 72.217, Candlestick 71.219B Chelsea Eng., Candlestick 71.219A, Candlestick 71.219A & B (Pair), - Bowl 71.21800511MillerCeramics & GlassHarrell02/11/19725BW4x5Photog.
72-255072-2553Music machine, Regina Disc Changer #72.25 (4 views)00530HooverMus. Inst.Harrell02/17/19724BW4x5Photog.
72-255472-2557Ship - Green steamboat ca 1795 inventor Griffin Green (4 views)00592KnowlesTransp.Harrell02/14/19724BW4x5Photog.
72-255872-2567Aircraft - Heath Corp. (various) Stuart Collection00429OakesNASM 596J.S.02/02/197210BW4x5Copy
72-256872-2569Type Punches - overall view sh. punches separ. & overall view00611SpearsGraphic A.Hof02/15/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-2570Cross - Burned - used by Ku Klux Klan00628MayoPol. Hist.Hof02/16/19721BW4x5Photog.
72-257172-2647Computer various (see neg jacket for details)2165TroppComp. Hist. Proj.Jenkins, Alex, Hof02/15/197277BW4x5Photog.
72-264872-2656Daguerreotype plates approx 3x4" after restor.00617OstroffPhotog. Hist.Hof02/17/19729BW4x5Photog.
72-265772-2658Marine in Unif. about 1915 (Howard Cross USMC) on cannon in front of bldg.00668LangleyNaval Hist.J.S.02/18/19722BW4x5Copy
72-265972-2700Indian & Alaskan clothing i.e. belts, hats, mittens, pouch, boots2-50LibhartInterior D.C.Krantz02/14/197242BW4x5C
72-270172-2746Photographs by Matthew Brady - Grant, Custer etc00376OstroffPhotog. Hist.J.S.02/02/197246BW4x5C
72-274772-2853John Stephenson Street car photo album 18850539WhiteTransp.J.S.02/02/1972107BW4x5C
72-285472-2858Human Rights Exhibition00544MayoPol. Hist.H.J.02/25/19725BW4x5C
72-285972-2878Mil. Uniform & Accouterments, Prop of Ed. Vebel00669KlosterMil. Hist.H.J.02/24/197220BW4x5C
72-287972-2880Aircraft - Katherine Stinson Special - J N - 200652MeyerNASM-617R.M.02/24/19722BW4x5C
72-2881Dewey Medals - As in frame fm Tiffinay & Co. (Overall view)2-146WilkinsonSales SecHof02/24/19721BW4x5Photog.
72-288272-2890Kegmine #1776 fm Peabody Mus (9 views)Restricted (No longer per Dr Langley Naval History 4/21/9300743LundebergNav. Hist.Harrell02/24/19729BW4x5Photog.
72-2891University of the City of New York00626LundebergNav. Hist.H.J.02/26/19721BW4x5Copy
72-289272-2905Ku Klux Klan artifacts00629MayoPol. Hist.Hof02/23/197214BW4x5Photog.
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