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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-302172-3024Straw hat, military, US Army, CA 1899, US Army Milit Hist Research Coll, Carlisle Barracks, 4 views00851E.M. HowellMilit Hist/77Hopmeister03/22/19724BW4x5Photog
72-3025Peter-Parker-Bust Copy from Stereo print leftside00408WeinbergSI ArchivesBlume03/03/19721BW4x5Copy
72-3026Applique & pieced work quilt by Harriett of Athens, GA 1886, cat #T147135CS2x2Copyoutside process
72-302772-3028British official forwarding envelope, for Metz Siege Letter 1870Front and Rear00875NorbyDiv Postal HistoryHarrell02/29/197215BW4x5P
72-302972-3030Metz Siege Letter Sept 21 1870 message and sidesF.R.00875NorbyDiv Postal HistoryHarrell02/29/19215BW4x5P
72-303172-3041Metz Siege Letters 1870 w/balloon fragments00875NorbyDiv Postal HistoryHarrell02/29/197215BW4x5P
72-304272-3043Exhibit textiles of India and Pakistan, Hall #9 NH 2-VWS00495KivezAnthrop.Krantz02/09/19722BW4x5P
72-3044Fish study mercury content study of fish, Dr Gibbs N.H00762TownsendNH. DIR. off.Krantz01/07/19721 rlBW35mmP
72-304572-3049Botany herbarium, preparation area and activities with Miss Berger and Mus. Tech.00762TownsendNH. DIR. off.Krantz01/07/19725BW4x5P
72-305072-3062Copy negs aeronautics made from slides and aeronautical and misc bks by Cayley, Henson, Stringfellow00796GarberNASM #637H. Jenkins03/03/197213BW4x5C
72-306372-3064Frank E. Klaphor, Museum Technician, working on first Ladies hall 1954 A&I00989CoffeePolit HistSent inRcd from div. 03/08/19722BW4x5P
72-3065First Ladies Hall (Gown Hall), installation of chandelier in the center of First Ladies Hall, March 25, 1955, A+I Bldg00995CoffeePolit HistSent inRcd from div. 03/08/19721BW4x5P
72-306672-3067Anchors, patent anchor drawing invented by Mr Pering, and old plan of anchor from bk by David Steele pub. 179700994HoffmanNaval History #185Sent inRcd from div 03-08-19722BW8x10C
72-3068Norman Rockwell painting Portrait of Pres. Richard Nixon at NPG RCDC, Tricia N Cox and [?] [?]00997Mr BushDiv of PB Aff. Offc NPGH-N.03/08/19721 rlBW35mmP
72-3069[unveiling) Norman Rockwell painting Portrait of Pres. Richard Nixon at NPG RCDC, Tricia N Cox and [?] [?]00997Mr BushDiv of PB Aff. Offc NPGH-N.03/08/19721 rlBW120P
72-307072-3071Julia Child, Lecture 3-7-72 in NH Auditorium for the Sec'ys offc00960KrugOPAHofmeister03/07/19722 rlsBW35mmPhotogx
72-3072Textiles - Bed spread. French early 18th Century "Toile de Riom" 1700 ADSent in from Div.J. HouseTextilesSent in from Div.12-15-19711BW4x5C
72-3073ER Coupe Co, Manufacturer of small airplanes00415OakesNASM 590Sent in from Div.Rcd 03/09/197210BWvest pocket roll size filmP'10 exposures' written in the amount column
72-3074Fireback, part of a stove, 16th century German fireback00859GolovinPre-industrial HistoryHofmeister03/06/19721BW4x5P
72-307572-3078Paintings "I Am Promis'd", "Lafajet", "Emma (2 views)"00921MeyersPre-industrial historyHarrell03/04/19724BW4x5P
72-307972-3117Celestial Globe (brass arolic, ca 1600) #330, 781 (6 views), Celes. Globe ca 1600 brass, #330, 781 (33 views)00922NortonPhys. sci.Harrell03/04/1972, 03/03/197239BW4x5Photog
72-311872-3119Jacquard card patent 701, 775 (2 views)00945AdroskoDiv. TextilesHarrell03/08/19722BW4x5P
72-312072-3121Henry Clay Banner 1832, used in Goshen, Conn. donated Marg. Wood (2 views)00951CollinsPol. HistHarrell03/10/19722BW4x5P
72-312272-3125Jefferson Bible, close cover and title page (2 views), exter. closed and title page (2 views)00737CollinsPol. HistHarrell02/28/19724BW4x5P
72-312672-3127Jefferson Book "Marak of Jesus" 190400737CollinsPol. HistHarrell02/28/19722BW4x5P
72-3137Award Pres. Allen Goff, SI Bldg. Louvre00803GoffFiscal DivNeufeld02/29/19721 rl.BW35mmP
72-312871-3136Boats, Rockets, "Lady Nancy Raft" Adm. Dundas, King of Portugal00468WinterNASM 600-72J.S.02/12/19729BW4x5Copy
72-313872-3142Camera Carrying Rocket, Rocket Lens, Salonica Front, illus. Fm "La Nature00653WinterNASM 620-72J.S.01/15/19725BW4x5Copy
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