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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-5114A72-5114BMHT Bldg (2 Angles) N.E. View72-5114 A&B01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19723BW4x5P
72-5114C72-5114FMHT Bldg.Exterior N.E. View72-5114 C, D, & E, F; Color Slide = 72-5114-D-CS From CN, NIF May.74 [[Arrow pointing to 'CN']]01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19725CN, CS, BW4x5P
72-5115Railroad Hall - View Fm. So. Entrance01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19721BW4x5P
72-5116Physical Sci. Hall w/Ramsden Div. Eng. & Ancient Temple in Rear01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19721BW5x7P
72-5117Civil Engr. Hall Tunnels exhib. Fm RR Hall Entr.01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19721BW4x5P
72-5118Autos & Coaches Hall F. Agri. Hall01764DanzenbakerODDHarell05/22/19721BW5x7P
72-51191st Ladies Hall case, Case of Lincoln Chinaware01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19721BW4x5P
72-5120Int. Post Office, counter area w/Clerc waiting on customer01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19721BW4x5P
72-5121Int. Post Office, w/Clerk alone at counter01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19721BW4x5P
72-5122Electricity Hall, Static elec. Platform w/Kissing Scene01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19721BW4x5P
72-5123Art & Spirit Hall (Folk Art)01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19721BW4x5P
72-5124Sears Toy Show View of "The Cities" Case01764DanzenbakerODDHarrell05/22/19721BW4x5P
72-512572-5127Print of 1st Phil. Mint - Coin Bankplate Jacksanian Hard Times Token (1837) 2 Views02006StefanelliNumisHof05/23/19723BW4x5P
72-512872-5130Coin - U.S Colonial Paper Money - MD - 1 shil. & 18ch Sixpence - MA 1775 3&6 shill, 22 shil 177602006StefanelliNumisHof05/23/19723BW4x5P
72-5131Urn & hoard of small Bronze Coins - Cologne02006StefanelliNumisHof05/23/19721BW4x5P
72-513272-5133Panel Truck w/AD Scoop Jackson for President & Billboard (same AD)02207CollinsPol. Hist.J.S.05/22/19722BW4x5P
72-513472-5153Coin Saxony Shooting Klipper 1701, Brandonburg Ordenstater 1779, US. Cent, 1792 (2 Views), U.S. Cent 1854, US. $10 Gold, 1798, Smithsonian Medal, Medal, Portraying Lobitia Sorvanitt & by Giampaoli, U.S. Half Dollar 1891, U.S., Half Dime 1974 Struck in Copper (2 Views), U.S. Silver Dollar 1836 (2 Views), US Private Gold Ingot 1851 Stamped A. Humbert US. Assagor 1853 S.F., (2 Views), US $10 Gold 1797 (2 Views), US. $10 Gold 1798, U.S. Silver Dollar 1838 (2 Views02131StefanelliNumisHof05/22/197220BW4x5P
72-5148Special Awards Neg Rcvd Photographer ? entered 2 - 4x5 Neg Recopied - See 72-5184
72-5154Book If Elected" - Unsuccessful U.S. Pres. Candidates2-691LLoyd, Museum ShopNHBHarrell05/24/19721BW4x5P
72-515572-5158Ebuliometer Measure Alcoh. Content 2 Views - Saccrometer (2 Views)01914VogelM&C.E.Harrell05/12/19724BW4x5P
72-5159Gavel, Conference John Connally used at Monetary Mtg. in SI Bldg02202CollinsPol. HistHof.05/22/19721BW4x5P
72-516072-5168Drug Show, Paintings by Rousseau, Bosh, Teotihuacan Culture, Pippin, Hicks, Michaelangelo, Tibetan Lamist - Entr. to enfl. Stru. Local & Hist.hetse02258HarneyOPAFarrar05/23/19729BW4x5P
72-5169Aircraft - Japanese Twin-engine Transp. Found in Hangar at Omura Navy AB02236MikeshNASM-832J.S.05/23/19721BW4x5C
72-517072-5171Uniforms - Sp. Am. War - Men w/Rifles Standing & w/Music. Inst.02188HowellMil. Hist.H.J.05/23/19722BW4x5C
72-517272-5173Amphib Seaplane PMB-5A, "Mariner" at Davis Mothan AF Base (2 Views)02192MikeshNASM-829H.J.05/23/19722BW4x5C
72-517472-5176$2 Note Detroit, Mi. State Bank, 20 Shilling Bill, Boston, MA. 1696, $2 Note, Desoto Bank, Nebraska02129StefanelliNumis.H.J.05/23/19723BW4x5C
72-5177Vase, George OHR02252MillerCeramics & GlassHarrel05/24/19721BW4x5P
72-517872-5180Model New Bedford Station01915VogelM&C.E.Harrel05/12/19723BW4x5P
72-5181Drug - Show Area, At A&I Bldg, In Rotunda Looking West.02227CraigO.P.A.R.F.05/22/19721BW4x5P
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