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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-578772-5788Exhibit Case Applied Arts, & Draper Exhibit, MHT Fl., Lobby Case Monthly June Display02503Norton#108 PHYS. sciencesHarrell06/18/19722BW5x7P
72-578972-5793MONTHLY LOBBY CASE FOR JUNE 72. CH; S&T; AP.Arts; Ntl. Industries & M.H.02511DanzenbakerOD.D.Harrell06/08/19725BW5x7P
72-5794PITCHER, POMONA- New Eng. Glass Co., Cambridge, MA.CT2-355NelsonIllinoisHarrell06/05/19722CT4x5P
72-5795L. SPERRY w/ FRENCH MECHANIC Emil Cochin02397OakesNASM-843R.S.06/01/19721BW4x5C
72-579672-5818AircraftCaptions to be Sent in02043OakesNASMR.S.05/16/197223BW4x5C
72-581972-5831PORTRAITS-DUCHAMP BROS, CHILD HASSAM, e.w. HAWTHORE W/CLASS, J.A. Weir, Henry Tanner, Robert Henri, Walt Kohn, K.H. Miller, A.P. Ryder, C. Sheller, Sloan studio02528FarrellAAA.R.S.06/12/197213BW4x5C
72-5832Ceramic Bowl & Saucer, Martha Wash. Wedgewood Basketware Bowl2-749, 02568Fleiscman, CoffeeSI, Pol HistHarrell06/12/19721BW4x5P
72-583372-5834Signing of 19th Amend. "Woman Suffrage - House of Rep & Senate02522MayoPol HistH.J.06/12/19722BW4x5C
72-583572-5848W.W.1 Aircraft on Exhibit at A&I Bldg01440, 01383Sweeting, ClendeningNASM 733, Exh. DesignFarrar05/04/1972 - 06/08/197214BW4x5P
72-584972-5862Medals & Badges. Markmanship US. Army & National guard01156HowellM.H./88Harrell03/30/197228BW4x5P"?" next to date
72-586372-5885American Artists - Copy PrintsRestricted02526FarrellAKch.Amer.ArtJ.S.06/13/197223BW4x5C
72-588672-5893Loom Drawings - Copyrighted - Oriental Rug Co. Lima OhioRestrictedAlso - 1 CN - on 72-5900None RcdAdroskoTextilesJones/Rcd From Div.06/14/19721 CN, 13 BWCN, BW4x5, 5x7C
72-589472-5901Loom Drawings - Line Illustrations Jacquard - Process of Weaving02376AdroskoTextilesNone IndicatedN.I.8BW4x5C
72-5902Balloon Ascent on the Mall Dr D. Challing[[?]] & Bob Waliqunda [[?]] [[?]]02535HarneyOPA.Neufeld05/24/197236BW35mmP
72-590372-5904Camera Lucida (Drraper) & Description Sheet.02512OstroffDiv. PhotogHofmeister06/13/19722BW4x5P
72-590572-5909Francis Model Life Boat (in Rm 4017 HTB) CA. 19th Century02416LundebergNav. Hist, NH/209Harrell06/08/19725BW4x5P
72-591072-5911Electro-Magnetic Locomotive & Balloon (Line Copies)02507PostDept S&T. Div. E&N.E.Jones, Blume06/14/19722BW5x7C
72-591272-5916Shoes, Iron; & Quadrans Miner - Replica (Astronomical)02117NortonPhysical Sciences/105Hofmeister06/12/19725BW4x5P
72-591772-5923LetterPress w/ case & accessories Late 1714 Century a Copy - Press3 added - 72-5923A,B&e, Restriction Lifted W.D. & A.H. 8/23/197203590, 02432DanzenbakerODD.Harrell06/09/197210BW4x5P
72-592472-5925Tricycle: Wood, Metal Adult. 1869-1898-Rex02409Berkibile#129 Transp.Hofmeister06/06/19722BW4x5P
72-592672-5929Ceramics. Rock Wood Pottery: Vase, Pitcher. Pot.PO # 2-606TrappCincinatti OhioNone Given06/09/19724BW4x5P
72-5930Presentation by Mrs-Dr Myron-Smith's Wife - Research Material Collected N. [[?]]Dick Farrar [[Penciled in under Work Order # Column]]HarneyO.P.A.Farrar06/14/19721BW120P1-exp 120 film in 5x7 jacket
72-5931Presentation to Mr. M. Collins Jof Estes & Colspan. Rockets (small type)02567DurantNASMR.F.06/14/19727BW120P
72-593272-5938Fan, Folding Type. Ivory, Mother pearl, Wooden Sticks & Paper Leaves - Painted73-5936A 72-5932 - CN to Come & 72-5934 - CN to ComePO - 2-758, 02610A.J. Hirshhorn, KidwellChevy Chase Md., Costum & furnishingsHarrell06/14/19728BW4x5P2 CN to come
72-593972-5942Compute. of Min Scie, X-Ray diffiactometer (2), N. Davis catal. Davis coll.02444AremWin. ScienH.N.06/14/19724BW4x5P
72-594372-5949Airplane Model "Spirit of St. Louis" (7 Views)02135ShawNASM-822R.F06/08/19727BW4x5P
72-5950Lette Fm. John Sloan to Draushaar, July 5, 191902502FarrellAAAJ.S.06/14/19721BW4x5C
72-5951Aircraft - C-124 Cargo Airplane w/cargo doors open02499OakesNASM-857J.S.06/14/19721BW4x5C
72-595272-5953Aircraft - Hawker Tomtit airplane (2 Views)02490OakesNASM 856J.S.06/14/19722BW4x5C
72-595472-5955Portrait Dr. George Barisaw Cap & Gown02529JacksonMed. Sci.J.S.06/14/19722BW4x5C
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