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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-611972-6136Artifacts Cultural Anthrop. Historic + Prehistoric From FLA2-652Dr MalwinAnthrop.Krantz06/09/197221BW4x5P
72-613772-6160"Hanbuch der Photographic und Toures teu" by Pizzigheill02587PattonPhotog HistH Jenkins06/16/197225BW4x5CIncluding 6150A
72-616172-6190Emily Nathans's genrl publicity photos of Ameicican ArtistsRestricted02564FarreirArchives Amer. Art.H Jenkins06/13/197230BW4x5C
72-619172-6194Centennial Exposition Philadelphia PA 1876-Exhibits02630WeinbergSI ArchivesJ.S.06/21/19725BW4x5C
72-9195Opening art exhibition "The Swedish Touch Rewick" Mr Herman & Swedish Ambassador02734WallacePub. Aff. N.C.FA.M.B. Neufeld06/09/197217BW35mmP
72-619672-6202Photographs fm. "Photographie En Amerique" 188402585PattonPhoto HistHJ06/16/19727BW4x5C
72-620372-6211Photographs fm. "Photographers Handbook by Welford 188702588PattonPhoto HistHJ06/14/19729BW4x5C
72-621272-6216Photographs fm. "Photographie et Ses Applications" by Lefevre 188802589PattonPhoto HistHJ06/14/19725BW4x5C
72-621772-6221Photographs fm. "Traite Pratique des Agrandissements Photographiques" by Trutat 189102591PattonPhoto HistHJ06/14/19725BW4x5C
72-622272-6234Photographs fm. "Traite Gen. de Photographie" by Monckhoven, 188902586PattonPhoto HistHJ06/14/197213BW4x5C
72-6235Presen. of Modoc Indian War Centennial Medal02700SteffanelliNomisHof06/21/19721 RlBW120P
72-623672-6293Military Weapons & Equipment02627HowellMil.Hist.Hof06/21/197258BW4x5P
72-629472-6296Photos of Goston, Davis & Evergood Fm. NY Fed. Art Proj Paper2-854FooteNew YorkJS06/27/19723BW4x5C
72-629772-6323Various Artists02559FarrellAAAHJ06/13/197227BW4x5C
72-632472-6328U.S. Army Bootee (5 Views)02684HowellMil.Hist.Hof06/22/19725BW4x5P
72-632972-6332A/C Servicing Easternat, A/C Fokker F-10, AAL, Pitcairn Avia. A.02666OakesNASM-876JS06/23/19725BW4x5C
72-633372-6334Pottery Show Demonstration at Museum Shop MHT Rotunda02703SandersMuseum ShopHof06/26/19722 RlBW120P
72-6335Retirement Party Mrs. M. Byrd, Dinosaur Hall, Mat02428TowsendODKrantz06/23/19721 RlBW35mmP
72-633672-6341Embroid. Muslim Shawl (2 views) - Embroid. Counterpane (4 views)Also Color Slides02513BowmanText.Harrell06/14/19726BW4x5P
72-634272-6347Embroid. Show Towel-Penna. 1820-1851-Property of Mrs. John Murray02514BowmanText.Harrell06/26/19726BW4x5P
72-6348Colts Battery in N.Y. Harbor 1842 PhotoCS Avail02531LundebergNaval Hist.JS06/23/19721BW4x5C
72-6349Persons Selecting What is Believed 12 Most Famous Aircraft02654GarberNASM-882JS06/24/19721BW4x5C
72-635072-6355Coins - Venetian Grosso, Zecchino Dandolo, Piccolo Dandolo (2 views ea)2-797LaneMassac.Hof06/26/19726BW4x5P
72-6356A/C Boeing F 4B-302669WoodNASM-885JS06/23/19721BW4x5C
72-635772-6360Explorer's Level (3 views) - Extension Tripod Gurley02593NortonPhys.Sci.Hof06/23/19724BW4x5P
72-636172-6363Whistle Jar, House Jar, Pottery House2-717Mus. of Mod ArtNYKrantz06/21/19723BW4x5P
72-636472-6452Chesley Bonestell Ptes. - Exhibited at A&I Bldg. - Astro-B8 W cop of SlidesSee Also - 72-6055-802726DurantNASM-893Sent in by Div.06/27/197289BW4x5C
72-645372-6464Illust. Fm. Orig. Manusc. of M. Hartley by Scribner Ames2-835SpragueMaineJS06/23/19722BW4x5C
72-6465John Christopher Draper Portrait02739WarnerS&IHof06/27/19721BW4x5P
72-646672-6467Fan (Hand type) 18th Century Ivory Sticks, Paper Leaves ACC #018717 (Provincial & Floral)CN&CT-CN&CTPO # 2-759M.S. HershounMDHarrell06/13/19724CT, CN4x5P
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