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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-796772-7974Mr. Terutoyo - Fusimoto, Japanese Sword PolisherA [(underlined, adjacent to 7974)]1524EvansAnthropologyKrantz11/1971, 12/197123BW4x5P
72-797572-7975Penciled Inscriptions from a lift from an unidentified Ship Sloop03402HoffmanNaval Hist/13Harrell08/21/19721BW4x5P
72-797672-7976Banner, 1856 Policical Freemont For President& CN03458CollinsPolit. Hist.Harrell08/15/19722BW, CN4x5P
72-797772-7983Right to Vote Show Artworks03380RileyDesign Div.Harrell08/22/19727BW4x5P
72-798472-8065Political Artifacts Pertaining to Campaiging & Voting, Regis02772CollinsPol. Hist.Hof, H.J., J.S.06/28/1930, 07/24/197282BW4x5, 5x7P, C
72-806672-8066Rifle - U.S. Springfield, Model MI, 1922, Gallery Practice2-1103, 03492Hout, HowellVirginia, Mil HistHarrell08/21/19721BW4x5P
72-806772-8082Cartridge Belts (Front & Back Views)03425HutchinsNAFMABHarrell08/17/197216BW4x5P
72-808372-8083Tape Interviews made in "Rap" Theater & Shots Timed in area of Tourist03454JohnstonSI & Natl. Mus. Prog.Farrar08/16/19721RL1204x5P
72-808472-8089Ptgs. "Harvest Time, Landscape Study, N.Y. Street, Night, The Poultryman, Summer"2-1076, 03468Mogelon, MarzioCanada, Graphic ArtsR.S.08/18/19726BW4x5C
72-809072-8094Planes - U.S. Navy, P2 V-7 Neptune, P2 V-5, P2V03487OakesNASM-98R.S.08/17/19725BW4x5C
72-809572-8095Planes Curtiss F9C-2 Sparrow Hawk03489MikeshNASM-99RS.08/17/19721BW4x5C
72-809672-8107Political Artifacts Fm. Johnson, Goldwater, Wilkie, Grant, Uncle Sam, T. Roosevelt & Jackson03137CollinsPol. HistHarrell08/16/197213BW4x5P
72-810872-8110"Friends of the Zoo" JR Guides, End of the Season Party. w/ Dr. Reed & Zoo Aides03544HamletN.Z.P.Harrell08/18/19723BW4x5P
72-811172-8111Activities & Portraits of Mr. O'Toole & Mrs. Lisa. Statck curators of the N.P.O. Education Dept.03514BushN.P.G.Harry B. Neufeld08/07/197221BW35mmP
72-811272-8112Catlin Painting "St Louis from the River"CN&CTPO 2-1056Jovanovich.N.Y.C.Harrell08/15/19724CT, CN4x5P3-CT, 1-CN
72-811372-8115Airship (Dirigible) 1 View R. Adm Moffett & LCMDR Lansdowne 2 views USS Shenandoah03542, PO 2-1129NASM Oakes, Houks. Wash D.CNASM-108, NASA-107J.S.08/21/19723BW4x5C
72-811672-8116Presentation - Model Airplane B-25, Acceptance by M-2 is fine/NASM DD.03550MikeshNASM-110R.F.08/16/19725BW120P
72-811772-8117Balloon Hall Exhibit at A&I Bldg. Japanese WWII - Gondola03551MikeshNASM-111R.F.08/22/19721BW4x5P
72-811872-8123Instruments, Medical, Various, Applied to the Larynx, Esophogus, & Bronchial Areas & Bust of Dr. Chevalier Jackson03516DavisMed. SciencesH.J., A. Harrell08/21/1972, 08/22/19726BW4x5C, P
72-812472-8127-EArabia Felix Show, Various Views at MNH Foyer03472M. Johnsonw/ ExhibitsKrantz08/18/197210BW4x5P
72-812872-8128Martin - Dyna - Soar R 20 1961 - AircraftPO 2-1128, 03543Poland, OakesCalif. NASM-105, NASM-106J.S.08/21/19721BW4x5C
72-812972-8130First Ladies Hall. MHT 1964 -- Staff & Melinda Frazier Mr. M.B. Klapthor03604CoffeePolit Hist/166Rcd from Div. 8/2301/19642BW4x5P
72-813172-8132Merrimack Mfg Co Label & Mrs Finley - Mast's Log Cabin & Mrs F. Mast Weaving Warshaw Coll'nRcd From DivHaifleyTextilesRcd from Div 8/23Rcd From Div 08/23/19724BW4x5C
72-813372-8138Instrument, Transit by John H Temple Maker Boston03579DanzenbakerODDHarrell08/23/19726BW4x5PResearch Negs Sent to Mr. Danzenbaker
72-813972-8143Helicopters Exhibit at A&I- 7/72 - Sikorsky XR-4B, Bell H-137-Backstrap, Hiller XR-XH.03067OakesNASM-39Farrar07/25/19725BW4x5P
72-814472-8144Helicopter Show - 5 Helicopters Various.CN 35MM03067OakesNASM-39Farrar07/25/19721RLCN35mmP
72-814572-8147Rule, Parallel, Mathematic S&T Cat # 323,49902551MerzbachS&T MathHarrell08/21/19723BW4x5P
72-814872-8150Punch Bowl, John Foster Dulles (3 Views)03509CollinsPol. HistFarrar08/23/19723BW4x5P
72-815172-8155Telharmonic Hall Publication & Public Invitation Telmarmc - Syst by N.Y. Electric Music Co. of Cahill03106HooverMusic Inst.H. Jenkins07/28/1972, 08/08/19728BW4x5C
72-815672-8159Porcelain, Japanese, Donor Dr. Elliot Evans Acct # 29825103574, 03575, 03576, 03577Gallagher, J. BockEthnic & Wstrn Cultural HistoryRichard DrakeRcd 08/22/1972144BW35MMPScott Developed this Batch of Film,4- Rls 35MM B&W - Photog from Div.
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