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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-904772-9048Guard of the Month; Sept; Mr Frank Evans04117GimsleyBMDR.F.09/29/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-904972-9056Theodolite, Altazimuth by George AdamsRestricted[tick] NIF 12/9104085BediniODDHarrell09/29/19728BW4x5Photog.
72-905772-9060Sextant, EarlyRestricted[tick] NIF 12/91. Negs sent to Div as rqstd03991BediniODDHarrell09/29/19724BW4x5Photog.
72-906172-9066Backstaff, 1763 with scribingRestricted04084BediniODDHarrell09/29/19726BW4x5Photog.
72-906772-9070Box - sundialRestricted[tick] NIF 12/9104083BediniODDHarrell09/28/19724BW4x5Photog.
72-907172-9072Skull - Stanford - 2 views - copies04135StewartPhysical Anthrop.R.S.09/29/19722BW4x5Copy
72-907372-9074Steam pumps - Louisville pumping engine04060MorrisMech. & Civil eng.R.S.09/29/19722BW4x5Copy
72-907572-9089Murals & Abstracts by various American artistsNot to be ReproducedPO-2-1263SullivanCh. Press NYCR.S.09/29/197214BW4x5Copy
72-9090AircraftCaption to be sent in04038MikeshNASM - 178R.S.09/29/19721BW4x5Copy
72-9091Locomotive - 140104057WhiteTransp.R.S.09/29/19721BW4x5Copy
72-909272-9142Baskets & Fans from Mrs L. M. Allen, 192803829VannText.Hof09/19/197251BW4x5Photog.
72-914372-9159Baskets & Bags from Mrs L. M. Allen, 192803953VannText.Hof09/20/197217BW4x5Photog.
72-9160Cartoon "Grin & bear it" by Lichty, Astronautics04018DurantNASM -176R.S.10/02/19721BW4x5Copy
72-9161Diagrams of Beachey monoplane 191504125; 2-1304Oakes; LuehrmannNASM -191; MarylandR.S.09/29/19721BW4x5Copy
72-916272-9163F.B. Mayer Studio, Annapolic, Md.Restricted04158SmithAAAR.S.09/29/19722BW4x5Copy
72-916472-9183Asian - Anthropological (Spec) peopleDiv. to caption & send in. Neg sent to NAA04166; 2-1326Harris; GambrillNAA -184; Nat. Geo. Soc.R.S.10/03/197220BW4x5Copy
72-918472-9185Bennet family record - J.M. Adams needlework picture03997GolovinPre-Indus. Cul. His.Harrell09/25/19728CS35mmPhotog.
72-918472-9185Bennet family record - J.M. Adams needlework picture03997GolovinPre-Indus. Cul. His.Harrell09/25/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-918872-9190; 72-9191; 72-9193American glass objects10 sent to Div 11.14.7204108GardnerCeramics & GlassHarrell10/02/197216CS35mmPhotog.
72-918672-9193American glass objects04108GardnerCeramics & GlassHarrell10/02/19728BW4x5Photog.
72-919472-9200Petticoat details of fabric & hooks & eyes, overall viewRestrictedNegs returned to Div03935KidwellCostume & Furn.Harrell09/19/197249CS35mmPhotog.
72-919472-9200Petticoat details of fabric & hooks & eyes, overall viewRestrictedNegs returned to Div03935KidwellCostume & Furn.Harrell09/19/19727BW4x5Photog.
72-920172-9216Wooden orrery (19th cent) other data unknown03413DanzenbakerODDHarrell08/09/1972; 09/07/197211CN4x5Photog.
72-920172-9216Wooden orrery (19th cent) other data unknownNIF 72-9202; 72-9205; 72-9206; 72-9211; 72-921603413DanzenbakerODDHarrell08/09/1972; 09/07/197222CS35mmPhotog.
72-920172-9216Wooden orrery (19th cent) other data unknown03413DanzenbakerODDHarrell08/09/1972; 09/07/197216BW4x5Photog.
72-9617Museum grounds, mall area, drawing. Roads & waterpipes04220SteedS.I. ArchivesR.S.10/03/19721BW4x5Copy
72-9218Book mobile at the Labor Dept. Demons't'n Day Care Centre w/ children03840MasseyReading IS Fund'lR.F.09/28/197218BW35mmPhotog.
72-921972-9222Godey's Lady's book - patterns & line illustr'ns w/ 1 child's & ladies dresses03921KidwellCostum & FunshgR.S.10/02/19724BW4x5Copy
72-9223Woodrow Wilson Center Library. Visitation of Sec'y genl of the Council of European Nations04103Dunn5AOO Unit (WWics)R.F.09/28/19725BW35mmPhotog.
72-922472-9227Boston Brass Band, Wm. Whitley trade card (made Mus. Inst.) Edison Employees Band, Ed Young Fife & Drum04195HooverMusical Instr.R.S.10/02/19724BW4x5Copy
72-922872-9230Telescope (3 views) early type # 15208104153DanzenbakerODDHof10/03/19723BW4x5Photog.
72-923172-9233Telescope, terrestrial, 1812 (sectional type) # 33374104159NortonPhys. SciencesHof10/03/19723BW4x5Photog.
72-923472-9236Aximuth mirror (3 views) # 30965304160NortonPhys. SciencesHof10/03/19723BW4x5Photog.
72-923772-9238Airplain Caudron - G.3 Line Drawing by Howard Leigh & cartoon depcting "congratulations" by J. Cacsel[tick] 72-9238 NIF 12/9104165GarberNASM -195R.S.10/03/19722BW4x5Copy
72-923972-9243Airplane FW 190-09 German, ME-109G, Hiller Helio, Flying Platform & Her. German Subm. Rotary wing Kit.[tick] NIF 12/9104226OakesNASM -200R.S.10/03/19725BW4x5Copy
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