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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-10642Portrait Copy. Aviatrix Marilyn Link "99" memberCancelled rec/on 11/25/197204932; PO# 2-1547ScottNASM Lib - 273H.Jenkins11/22/19721BW4x5Copy
72-1064372-10644Bomb scene course instruction + various div's.05056GrimsleyPD BMDFarrar11/29/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-10645"The Mammoth" cameraPO 2?PattonPhoto HistJenkins11/14/19721BW8x10Copy
72-10645"The Mammoth" cameraPO 2?PattonPhoto HistJenkins11/14/19721BW4x5Copy
72-1064672-10647,72-10649 to 72-10651S.I. Hall w/ Davis Organ (6 views) S.I. LoungeCS Avail on 46, 47, 49, 50, + 5104086CenterMus. InstHarrell11/17/197215CS35mmPhotog.
72-1064672-10651S.I. Hall w/ Davis Organ (6 views) S.I. Lounge04086CenterMus. InstHarrell11/17/19726BW35mmPhotog.
72-10652Table under restor. tortoise shell top inlay w/ brass by Dentry04940GoodeOSHarrell11/15/19729BW120Photog.
72-1065372-10656Aircraft - Curtiss - Hammer collection04929MeyerNASM -267Jenkins11/22/19724BW4x5Copy
72-1065772-10668Rockets, Illus. taken fm books04960WinterAstro -4Jenkins11/24/197212BW4x5Copy
72-1066972-10670Lincoln plate - top & bottom04914KlapthorPol. Hist.Harrell11/29/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-10671Leather case "Col. Theodore Roosevelt, Pres. of U.S." Manila Day 190204912KlapthorPol. Hist.Harrell11/30/19721BW4x5Photog.
72-1067272-10685Contents of above case - letters, cloth, xmas & N.Y. card, & death notice of W. S. Parker04911KlapthorPol. Hist.Harrell11/30/197214BW4x5Photog.
72-10686Exhibit case WW1 Fighter Gallery - orders, decor, & medals04926SweetingNASM -266Farrar11/26/19721BW4x5Photog.
72-10687Camel skeleton04856HandleyDiv of MammalsNeufeld10/17/19721BW4x5Photog.
72-10688Donor D. Swann & wife w/ P. Marzio, Graphic Arts Hall, MHT04967BeanOPAHof11/24/19728BW120Photog.
72-1068972-10691Skulls, Neanderthal, dicov. La Forrasie, France, Mt. Carmel, Israel, La Chapple Aux Saints - France04942AngelAnthro.Krantz11/29/19726BW4x5Photog.
72-1069272-10693Guard of the Month (Nov) Cpl. Sam Baker04999GrimsleyBMDFarrar11/27/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-1069472-10720Psychological testing apparatusAlso CS Avail. CS NIF 72-10695 - 72-10699, 72-10701, 72-10720 [tick symbol] 2/92. Retained 20 slides03252JacksonMed SOIHarrell10/31/1972, 08/23/1972108CS35mmPhotog.
72-1069472-10720Psychological testing apparatus03252JacksonMus. SpecFarrar08/25/1972, 08/29/197227BW35mmPhotog.
72-10721Portrait Professor Daniel Bell, Harvard Assoc. 20th Cent05046BeanOPAD.S.11/30/19721BW4x5Copy
72-10722Award, Superior performance, Guard Robt Montgomery05066BlackwellBMDFarrar11/30/19722 exp, 1rlBW120Photog.
72-1072372-10734Photograms by Prof. Gyorgy Kepes 1940-196205014OstruffPhotog. HistH. Jenkins11/29/197212BW4x5Copy
72-1074572-10753Textiles French Silks commemorative, Washington, Jackson, Napoleon & others04871AdroskoTextilesRecd from DIV. French Musee Photog.11/17/19729BW5x7Photog.
72-10744Airplane, Nomenclature from Webster's Dictionary05092StepuraPSD Lib / 4Scott11/19721BW4x5Copy
72-1073572-10736Submarine VI First German & Bauer Submarine 185004896LundebergNaval Hist /36H.J.11/22/19722BW4x5Copy
72-1073772-10740Painting, minature with case & writing Ellicott Andrew05053BediniODD MHTHof12/01/19724BW4x5Photog.
72-1074172-10742Andrew Ellicott's seal05054BediniODD MHTHof12/01/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-10743Bert Molinari & Geo. Everson outside S.I. Shop2-1318Snowditch; GietzenDiv. Elec.; Calif.1BW4x5Copy
72-10754Bomb scene course, Group Shot05082GrimsleyPD BMDR.F.12/01/19721BW4x5Photog.
72-10756Field Trip, Tulsa Oklahoma, 13 stars American Flag Mr Fred RobinsonsAlso CN 1rl 72-1075605055Dr Langley (Robinson)Nav. HistHof11/29/19728CN35mmPhotog.
72-1075572-10758Field Trip, Tulsa Oklahoma, 13 stars American Flag Mr Fred Robinsons05055Dr Langley (Robinson)Nav. HistHof11/29/1972144 exp. 4rlsBW35mmPhotog.
72-1075972-10759A, B & CS.I. Bldg, towers, ink drawing by Miss Pontes05020PontesS.I. PressJ.S.12/01/19721BW4x5Copy
72-1075972-10759A, B & CS.I. Bldg, towers, ink drawing by Miss Pontes05020PontesS.I. PressJ.S.12/01/19721BW5x7Copy
72-1075972-10759A, B & CS.I. Bldg, towers, ink drawing by Miss PontesTwo negs are in the 8x10 neg files05020PontesS.I. PressJ.S.12/01/19722BW8x10Copy
72-1076072-10767Aircaft prints World Cruiser Douglas & Personnell04975ShawNASM /271R.S.11/27/19728BW4x5Copy
72-1076872-10777Easter Island Artifacts Tablet04789S HouchinsNAA /259R.S11/22/197210BW4x5Copy
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