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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
72-1118172-11183Flugelhorn by Wright; Flute by Badger - 2 views05130SheldonMus. Instru.Harrell12/18/19723BW4x5Photog.
72-1118472-11190Pocket sextant; Prismatic Compass05011NortonPhys. Sci.Hof12/12/19727BW4x5Photog.
72-1119172-11192Silk purse from Sows' ears c.192105174NortonPhys. Sci.Hof12/12/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-1119372-11195Piano - Irving Berlin's cat# 73.30 Weser Bros.; MFD by NYA &B04917HooverMusic Inst.Harrell12/05/197218CS35mmPhotog.
72-1119372-11195Piano - Irving Berlin's cat# 73.30 Weser Bros.; MFD by NYA & B04917HooverMusic Inst.Harrell12/05/19726BW4x5Photog.
72-1119672-11197White House china, John Adams, Sevres platter, J Nast mark; arrangement cat# 540562/92 NIF [[Circle aound 72-11197]]; Returned to the Division; More on file05237CoffeePolit. Hist/17Rcd from DIV12/19/19722CS35mmPhotog.
72-1119872-11222Postal History hall, stamps USA various New 197204375ScheelePost Hist.Harell10/25/197225CS35mmPhotog.
72-1122372-11230Typewriters 8 - various. Early types.copied from 35mm CSRcd from DIVMorrisMech & Civil. EngJ. Scott10/04/19728BW4x5Copy
72-1123172-11240Surveying tools - eyepiece, compass; military clinometer05010NortonPhy SciHof12/11/197210BW4x5Photog.
72-1124172-11247Wts & Scales; Micrometer; portable platform scale05173NortonPhy SciHof12/11/19727BW4x5Photog.
72-1124872-11255Compass; Balljoint & socket; Abney reflecting level05227NortonPhy SciHof12/13/19728BW4x5Photog.
72-1125672-11260Surveying tools; Flat steele wire tape; compass; tripod head05228NortonPhy SciHof12/13/19725BW4x5Photog.
72-1126172-11270Surveying tools; spring balance (3 types) household type balance05229NortonPhy SciHof12/13/197210BW4x5Photog.
72-1127172-112731 Fl Mgt. Opening of exhibit "Productivity" hadd w/ V.I.Ps05315, 05316Bean, JohnsonPublic Affrs. Div Off Mgt, SESHof12/19/1972108, 3 RlsBW35mmPhotog.
72-11274A72-11279BMedical instruments & artifacts 1850 - CANIF 2/92 - 72-11275 - 72-11277, 72-11280, 72-11282 - 72-1128404954HarrisMed. ScisHof12/07/197242CS35mmPhotog.
72-1127472-11294Medical instruments & artifacts 1850 - CA04954HarrisMed. ScisHof12/07/197222BW4x5Photog.
72-11296Union contract signing by Ripley & Union at the Gt HL SI Bldg Dec 18 197205128EvansAst Dir OPAR.F.12/24/197212CN120Photog.
72-1129572-11296Union contract signing by Ripley & Union at the Gt HL SI Bldg Dec 18 197205128EvansAst Dir OPAHof12/18/197267, 2 RlsBW35mmPhotog.
72-1129772-11298Christmas Party; Common Rm SI Bldg for Children Associates05360StrattonAssociatesHof12/19/197244, 2 RlsBW35mmPhotog.
72-1129972-11300Wright Bros, Orville & Wilbur, portrait painting by MelikSee also A 32467-8 CN05081OakesNASM 272Farrar12/04/19722CN4x5Photog.
72-1130172-11302Draper, John WIlliam Bogardus 1835; 187105172NortonPhi. SciScot12/14/19722BW4x5Copy
72-1130372-11304Front & Back cover; "Acct. of SI" by Wm. Rhees05193HowellMil. Hist.Scot12/14/19722BW4x5Copy
72-1130572-11309Souix items; shotmaker; Tomahawk; axe; cartridge belt05223PhebusAnthroKrantz12/15/19725BW4x5Photog.
72-1131072-11315Blouse, Fatigue; 1874-1883; War Dept05235HowellMil. Hist.Hof12/18/19726BW4x5Photog.
72-11316Aircraft; Curtis F9C-2; cockpit looking forward05345OakesNASMScot12/20/19721BW4x5Copy
72-11317BMD Award - 5 employees; 12/15/72 "Award of the Month"05251GuandoloBMDNeufeld12/15/19725BW4x5Photog.
72-1131872-11319Shopping cart ca. 1937 & postcard2 Filed05150RothCost. & Furnish.Harrell12/07/19728CS35mmPhotog.
72-1131872-11319Shopping cart ca. 1937 & postcard05150RothCost. & Furnish.Harrell12/07/19722BW4x5Photog.
72-11325AHanging of doors in SI Associates lounge 1/26/7304183GoodeSec'y Off.Farrar09/19/1972; 09/20/1972; 09/21/19721BW4x5Photog.
72-1132072-11325Hanging of doors in SI Associates lounge 1/26/7304183GoodeSec'y Off.Farrar09/22/1972, 12/21/19726BW4x5Photog.
72-11326N.A.S.M. Progress shots05072GarmanBMD Eng & Const.Neufeld12/14/197217BW35mmPhotog.
72-11327Stonework, SI bldg exterior before & after restoration05105GirolamiBMD Mech Seau. Div.Neufeld20/12/197220BW35mmPhotog.
72-11328Presentation; Medalion to Mrs M.H. Kellogg, With Mr Payne NGS, Drs Ripley & Cowan, at NH Bldg.05336, 05170Narney, RayNews OPA, Vert Paleono'Neufeld18/12/197221BW35mmPhotog.
72-11329Presentation; Totem Pole at MNH Bldg05334HarneyNews OPANeufeld13/12/197210BW35mmPhotog.
72-11330Christmas Party, Docents at A&I Bldg05337CraigNews OPANeufeld19/12/197217BW35mmPhotog.
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