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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
73-2576Aircraft, Boeing 40-B-4 Mail Plane - Bi-wing (in air)07312MikeshNASMH.J.03/22/19731BW4x5C
73-2577Aircraft, Boeing - NC 13361 on tail, "United" (on Grnd.)07312MikeshNASMH.J.03/22/19731BW4x5C
73-2578Aircraft, 3 Engine Monoplane, NC 484Y (in air)07312MikeshNASMH.J.03/22/19731BW4x5C
73-2579Aircraft Curtiss Condor NC 12353; "Eastern" (in air)07312MikeshNASMH.J.03/22/10731BW4x5C
73-258073-2584BW slides (slides to Div.)01436HarrisMed. Sci.J.S.03/23/19735BW4x5C
73-258073-2584Medical Drawings - Helfand Coll'n(see 73-2386 for more)01436HarrisMed. Sci.J.S.03/23/19735BW4x5C
73-2585Passport photo of Ben Lawless01476LawlessOEPHarrrell03/23/19731BW4x5P
73-2586Aircraft; Pitcairn; "Roadable Autogro"; in air01244MikeshNASMH.J.03/27/19731BW4x5C
73-2587Almanac, Benjamin Bannekers 1796 Copy of Cover. only01461DanzenbakerODDH.J.03/23/19731BW4x5C
73-2588"A map of the present seat of War in N. America01056FabianNPGH.J.03/27/19731BW4x5C
73-258973-2621Helmets & Caps & hats01261HowellMil. HistHof03/27/197333BW4x5P
73-262273-2623Star Spangled Banner. Flag. MHT 2nd Fl.04642DanzenbakerODDHarrell12/14/1972, 12/21/1972, 03/16/197323CS, CN, CT, BW13, 2, 6, 2P
73-262473-2625Joyce Chen cooking class at Renwick01279FujinoNCFAHof03/23/19732BW35mmP
73-262673-2632Pa-KY Rifle, Derringer Rifle00257GoinsMil. Hist.Hof03/20/19739CN 2 BW 74x5P
73-263373-2637Monthly Lobby Case, Close-ups for S&T. March.01228ElliottS&THarrell03/27/19735BW4x5P
73-2638Monthly Lobby Case for March 197301284DanzenbakerODDHarrell03/27/19731BW5x7P
73-263973-2642Campaign Portrait Murals - R. Nixon, Pat Nixon & N. Rockefeller00962CollinsPol. Hist.Harrell03/27/19734BW4x5P
73-264373-2648Roosevelt, Theo; Accident in Pittsfield, Mass, 1902; Pp. 275&268 News Coverage in "Lesley's Weekly Mag." 18 Sept,1902; Visit to Blaine's House01230CollinsPol. Hist.H.J.03/27/19736BW4x5C
73-264973-2650Aircraft; Nagler & Rolz, #NR 54 V2 (early attempt at 1-man helicopter) Book Plate 10 B&C, "Rotating wing activities in Ger, During the PD 1939-1943"01360MikeshNASMH.J.03/27/19732BW4x5C
73-2651Spool Holder, Italian of Olivewood, Bought by S.I. in 1882, T.2503; ACC: 2577100749CooperTextilesH.J.03/27/19731BW4x5C
73-265273-2654Sewing machine, "White", Cabinet Model 1888 T.1640200762CooperTextilesHarrell03/27/19733BW4x5P
73-2655Ring, owned by R. Somers; CA. 181201195LundenbergMil. HistHarrell03/27/19731BW4x5P
73-2656Paterson Fire Assoc. Membership Certificate' July 1, 182801555StineTransp.HJ.03/27/19731BW4x5C
73-265773-2658Islamic Celestial Globe; overall view; Constellation Leo; Cat # 330178100961WarnerPhys. Sci.Hof03/19/19732BW3x5P
73-265973-2770Child labor, "Hines" Photoprings Coll'nSee also 74-5797 to 581601062CollinsPol. Hist.L.A.03/22/1973112BW4x5C
73-277173-2772Aircraft; Lockheed YP-38 Airplane; General & Component Views01272ScottNASMRec'd from Div03/30/19732BW4x5C
73-277373-2781Algae, Marine Animals, & Geology Sections - Technicians at work00865MenezSOSCKrantz03/26/19739BW3x5P
73-278273-2787Placard, Polk; 1860 Repub. Banner, Lincoln; Poster, McKinley/Bryan; Placard, Seymore; Litho, Taylor, Z;01001CollinsPol. Hist.Harrell03/29/19736BW4x5P
73-2788Ribbon, Wash. Benevolent Society01445CollinsPol. Hist.Harrell03/30/19731BW4x5P
73-278973-2791Ring, Mourning, Lincoln, A. Cameo in Profile; 3 Views01370CollinsPol. Hist.Harrell03/30/19733BW4x5P
73-2792Planitarium, Presentation to Museum ADV. BD. of NASM - M. Collins & BD. " Experimentarium"01600Oakes, CollinsNASM/OPAFarrar03/07/19731 RLBW120P
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