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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
73-946773-9666Zoo, Animals73-9473 VD#8171 2/92 NIF 9506-KennedySalesFrancine Schroeder-200CS35MMP
73-9667Rickenbacker, Eddie V. Capt. Painting0-4487KennedySalesRCO-4RF B&W4x5P
73-9667Rickenbacker, Eddie V. Capt. Painting3-1230KennedySalesRCO-4CT4x5P
73-9667Rickenbacker, Eddie V. Capt. Painting-KennedySalesRCO1CN4x5P
73-9668Award Ceremony - Service Pins in A&I Collins Office24-74, 04232CollinsNASMFarrar09/11/19731 RollBW120P
73-9669Aircraft, Glider, Lilienthal(46-74), 04364SchneiderNASMHJ09/10/19731BW4x5C
73-967073-9678Test Pilots; Sikorsky Awards(32-73), 04377OakesNASMHJ09/10/19739BW4x5C
73-967973-9686Motors(39-74), 04448MeyerNASMJS09/14/19738BW4x5C
73-9687Airplane Engine; Besslar Steam Engine 1933(26-74), 04261MeyerNASMFarrar09/11/19731BW4x5P
73-968873-9691Clocks, Wall, Electric(20), 04390PostM&CEHarrell09/11/19734BW4x5P
73-969273-9694"Observatory of Illinois Watch Co., Springfld" - DWG. Typewriter, Royal #Plate 54-8850 (2 views)(21), 04397PostM&CEHarrell09/11/19733BW4x5P
73-9695Sculpture, Mother & Child Wood, CarvedCat #323,27204474MyersP-I Cult HistJS09/14/19731BW4x5C
73-969673-9698Handcar, Railroad, 3 Wheel (3 views)(38), 04465WhiteTransp.Harrell09/13/19733BW4x5P
73-969973-9704Trunk - By James Bryant, London, Eng. Trunk - By James M. Speer, N.Y. CityRestricted04439RothCost & FurnHarrell09/12/19736BW4x5P
73-970573-9706Shawl, Paisley, 19th Cent Striped PatternRestricted04389AdroskoTexHarrell09/11/19732BW4x5P
73-9707Press, Common U.S. 1815 (Line Dwg)04347HarrisGraphic ArtsHJ09/10/19731BW4x5C
73-970873-9710Zinjanthropus Man, Head Reconstruction (3 views)P.O. 3-1167, 04382JenkinsAnthro.Krantz09/07/19733BW4x5P
73-9711Horsley & Petrella - Div. Heads NZP - For Annual Report04500HamletNZPHof09/17/19731 RLBW120P
73-9712Ripley - Contract Signing ASI Regents Room3-1207FleischmanBMO-TreasNeufeld09/13/19731 RLBW120P
73-971373-9714Bass & Tuba 5 Horns 1840-50 Vienna, Aust. "Over the Shoulder Saxhorns" CA 1880 Made in NY CityCat #95273, Cat#55590; 55598; 55587; 72867; 7283503911SheldonMus. Inst.Harrell09/21/19732BW4x5P
73-9713CS73-9714CSBass & Tuba, 1840-50 Vienna, Aust. "Over the Shoulder Saxhorns" ca. 1880 Made in NY CityCat #95273, Cat#55590; 55598; 55587; 72867; 7283503911SheldonMus. Inst.Harrell09/21/19733 to File; 6 to DivCS35mmP
73-971573-9739Anthro Artifacts - Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Dahomet04228StuckenrathAnthro.Krantz09/06/197325BW4x5P
73-974073-9741Construction Progress Anacostia Neighborhood Museum04026GarownBMDNeufeld09/10/1973, 09/20/19732 RlsBW35mmP
73-974273-9745Hauasupai(194), 04229(3-1186), Richardson(Hist), NAAKrantz09/10/19734BW4x5C
73-974673-9752Anderson, Stanley "Ports" IllustrationsRestricted04438ElliottS&TFrom Div.09/19/19737BW4x5C
73-975373-9754Diorama "Battle of the Capes of the Chesapeake"02228LundebergNaval Hist.Harrell09/07/19732BW5x7P
73-9753CN73-9754CNDiorama NMHT Bldg - 3rd Floor "Battle of the Capes of the Chesapeake"02228LundebergNaval Hist.Harrell09/07/19732CN4x5P
73-9753CS73-9754CSDiorama NMHT Bldg - 3rd Floor "Battle of the Capes of the Chesapeake"02228LundebergNaval Hist.Harrell09/07/19732 on file; 4 to DivCS35mmP
73-975573-97575th Presentation - Charles Land Freer Medal + Via Laurence Sickman04458JohnsonSpecial Ev.HBN09/11/19733 RlsBW35mmP
73-975873-9759NASM Bldg. Site Progress Shots04227LopezNASM22HBN09/12/1973, 09/18/19732 RlsBW35mmP
73-9760Renwick Gallery - Progress Shots04027GarmanE&C BMDHBN09/19/19731 RlBW35mmP
73-9761Engineering Project in Lab. EH. MNNH Bldg04446MinnichSafety & HlthHBN09/13/19731 RlBW35mmP
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