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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
73-988573-9888Organ, Melopean Cat. # 74.103404CenterMus. Inst.AFH07/26/19734BW4x5P
73-9886cs73-9888csOrgan, Melopean Cat. # 74.103404CenterMus. Inst.AFH07/26/197312CS35mmP
73-988973-9889Stool, Child's made for Wm. Newton Meeks by father - Edward Meeks N.Y. City 182404272GolovinP-1 Cult HistAFH09/07/19731BW4x5P
73-9889cs73-9889csStool, Child's made for Wm. Newton Meeks by father - Edward Meeks N.Y. City 182404272GolovinP-1 Cult HistAFH09/07/19733CS35mmP
Passport Photo File, Abbot, Dr. Charles Greeley04751DulaneyOPAJS09/27/19731BW4x5C
73-9890cs73-9893cs93cs Paintings "AM Heritage" Feb. 1965 pp. 36, 37, 40, 48Restricted04537KlapthorPol. Hist.JS09/28/19738CS35mmC
73-989473-9894Watch Charm, gold owned by Gen. John Stark04572CollinsPol. Hist.AFH09/24/19731BW4x5P
73-989573-9895Lingan, Gen. James; Miniature in Case04573CollinsPol. Hist.AFH09/25/19731BW4x5P
73-989673-9897Bandanna Statue of Liberty & Island Late Capt. Charles V. Gridley04470CollinsPol. Hist.AFH09/25/19732BW4x5P
73-989873-9899cn"Across the Continent" by Joseph Becker - Central & Pacific R.R. "5 Minutes for Refreshments"04466WhiteTransp.JS09/18/19732CN4x5C
73-990073-9902Projector - Damaged by Fire, 3rd Fl NMHT.04326OstroffPhoto. Hist.RKH09/05/19733BW4x5P
73-9900cs7309902csProjector - Damaged by Fire, 3rd Fl NMHT.04326OstroffPhoto. Hist.RKH09/05/19736CS35mmP
73-990373-9905Agnew, Mrs. NPG Delian Court Luncheon for Wife of Pakistan Prime Min. 18@3pt7304516JohnsonSESRKH09/18/19733 RlBW35mmP
73-990673-9906NZP Police Training Class Grads. 13 Trainees04688HamletNZPRF09/28/19731 RlBW35mmP
73-990773-9926Spinning Wheels04486CooperTextilesAFH09/17/197320BW4x5P
73-9907cs73-9926csSpinning Wheels04486CooperTextilesAFH09/17/197384CS35mmP
73-992773-9931Cooper-Hewitt Museum; Desk; Peter Cooper; Hewitt Sisters; Lace;04233GoodeOSHJ09/04/19735BW4x5C
73-993273-9938Stanley Motor; Corlomb Diagrams; Joseph Saxton; Bipolar Dynamos; Hans Christian Oersted; Electricity Hall;Rec'dAtsiknoudasElect. & N.E.Rec'd.rEC'D7BW4-5x7, 3-4x5C
73-993973-9939"Coopering" IllustrationREstricted04679ElliottM&CERec'd.10/01/19731BW5x7C
73-994073-9941Paleo Indian Archeol. PT. - Nez Perce Coll. 902304652EvansAnthroVK05/21/19732BW4x5P
73-994273-9942Painting "Girl w/ Clavichord" Owned by Mrs. Breeskin - NCFARestricted04066HollisMus. Inst.RKH09/07/19731BW4x5P
73-9942cn&ct73-9942cn&ctPainting "Girl w/ Clavichord" Owned by Mrs. Breeskin - NCFARestricted04066HollisMus. Inst.RKH09/07/19732CT, CN4x5P
73-994373-9943Banner - Paper 10'L x 20" w "Rideau Tour"4734Vogel26, M.&C.E.AFH10/02/19731BW4x5P
73-994473-9969Rehabilitation Medicine Exhibit Objects4607DavisMed. Sci.AFH10/01/197326BW4x5P
73-997073-9970Newsreel Theatre Entrances; Trans[[?]]ux News Rep. Halls04505MarzioGraphic ArtsAFH10/03/19731BW4x5P
73-997173-9971Newsreel Theatre Entrance in Photog. Hall NMHT. 3RD Fl.04637CliedisterNASM ExhibitsAFH10/03/19731BW4x5P
73-997273-9972Prosthetic Making, (of wood) Group ShotNIF 1/9204809DavisMed. Sci.AFH10/04/19731BW4x5P
73-997373-9973MACE, S.I. Ceremonial Symbol at Freer Gallery04407GoodeS.I. - OSRBF09/14/19731BW4x5P
73-997473-9974Courthouse Drawing Colln. "Descriptive Panel"See 73-7375 to 746303950GoodeS.I. - OSJS08/16/19731BW4x5C
73-997573-9976Exhibit Panels: Manuscripts of the American Revolution04875SpearsSitesRKH10/03/19732RlBW35mmP
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