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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
75-00175-004Cheyenne Buffalo Skull, Exhibit Specimine6344JohnsonAnthropologyVEK12/17/19744BW4x5P
75-00575-006Snetzler Organ, London 17615760HollisMusical Inst.AFH12/03/19742BW4x5P
75-00575-006Snetzler Organ, London 17615760HollisMusical Inst.AFH12/03/19742CT4x5P
75-00575-006Snetzler Organ, London 17615760HollisMusical Inst.AFH12/03/19742CN4x5P
75-00775-009Moving "Capitol Traction Co." Streetcar into MHT00013ClappODAFH12/23/19743 rlBW35mmP
75-01075-012Taylor Album Photo's: Woman & Child Killed by Indians, Etc.5906RichardsonNAAVEK12/19743BW4x5C
75-01375-014Smithsonian Associates Woman's Committee Dance5927JohnsonSpec. Ev.DRB12/14/19742 rlBW35mmP
75-01575-017Beechcraft 6-17-S 5 Place Biplane; Alexander "Bullet"6225OakesNASMHJ12/13/19743BW4x5C
75-01875-019Mark Green Papers, John Ryan, Painter, Irene Tavener6092ZembalaArch Am. Art.HJ12/04/19742BW4x5C
75-02075-028Alexander Calder Papers "Critical Retrospective"6299SmithArch Am. Art.HJ12/13/19749BW4x5C
75-02975-061California Indian Baskets; Geometric Decorations6266StuchenrathAnthropologyVEK12/197433BW4x5P
75-06275-066NASM Restoration of Towed 'Copter, Missle, F-86, SBD-65216MerchantNASMRBF12/13/19745 rlBW35mmP
75-06775-085Palistinian Ceremonial Objects (Geo. Wash. U. Loan)6150StuckenrathAnthropologyVEK12/11/197419BW4x5P
75-08675-088Model of 1847 McCormick Reaper6460FabianNPGAFH01/03/19753BW4x5P
75-089Diamond and Emerald RingRestriced089-CS, (see also 74-6966 → 74-6974)2850SalesOPPSLee Boltin12/18/19741CT4x5C
75-09075-093Hearing Aids, Early Models, Patent Models090-93-CS6389DavisMed. Sci.RKH01/06/19754CS35mmP
75-09075-093Hearing Aids, Early Models, Patent Models6389DavisMed. Sci.RKH01/06/19754BW4x5P
75-09475-150Samplers, Embroidery(no #75-112 in BW)6112DirksTextilesAFH12/11/197455BW4x5P
75-09475-150Samplers, Embroidery110 NIF 3/92 (also 75-153 → 75-158)6112DirksTextilesAFH12/11/197455CS35mmP
75-11675-131Samplers, Embroidery6112DirksTextilesAFH12/11/197414CT4x5P
75-15175-152ANON "Nation of Nations" - Progress under construction MHT6534C. Scheele, Mahoney(Anon) BicentAFH01/08/19752 rlBW35mmP
75-15375-158Samplers, Embroidery(also see 75-094 → 75-150)6112DirksTextilesAFH12/11/19746CS35mmP
75-15975-160Latta Fire Engine, Patent Model, Steam6245WhiteTransportAFH01/07/19752BW4x5P
75-16175-165Monthly Lobby Cases, January MHT6319DanzenbakerODDAFH01/07/19755BW5x7P
75-16675-172Gothic, Morris Chairs6391LehmanOSRBF12/27/19747BW4x5P
75-17375-174Dr. Eugene Knez and Tashi Densapa of Sikkim6129WiltshireOPAVPC12/11/19742 rlBW120P
75-17575-178Thomas Jefferson Writing Desk, Elias Howe SewingnoneKennedySalesAFH12/18/19744CT4x5P
75-17975-180Leonardo Da Vinci Bust, Astral Clock, Di Dondi Clock - CS, CT, BW(see also 74-11397)5444DanzenbakerODDAFH12/10/19742CS35mm
75-17975-180Leonardo Da Vinci Bust, Astral Clock, Di Dondi Clock - CS, CT, BW(see also 74-11397)5444DanzenbakerODDAFH12/10/19742CT4x5P
75-17975-180Leonardo Da Vinci Bust, Clock same as above5444DanzenbakerODDAFH12/10/19742BW4x5P
75-18175-182Leonardo Exhibit, Viewed by Public; Annual ReportAFHOPPSAFH12/16/19742BW4x5P

Transcription Notes:
Handwritten header as follows: NEG.NO. CAPTION OR SUBJECT MATTER PAY OR WORK ORDER REQUESTOR S.I.UNIT DATE DONE FILM QUANITY TYPE NEG. SIZE LOG DATE Doubled up on Neg #75-090 -> 75-093. Left as is, even though I believe the 4 CS 35mm are under 75-090 -> 75-093 Extra line of Neg #75-179 -> 75-180 due to double info in red ink line.

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