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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
76-4235Elephant Covered w/Plaster (Rotunda)1630MeadOff. of Ed.DT03/23/19761BW4x5C
76-423676-4237Aircraft - Nose & Wing (under)1585DobsonNASMDT03/23/19762BW4x5C
76-425476-4256Mills Brother's Concert & Reception at MNH1613MelendezPerf. ARtsRKH03/21/9763 RLSBW35mmP
76-4257Congressional Bicentennial Expo.1448CouthisPub Aff.RKH03/23/19761 RLBW35mmP
76-425876-4327"For the People" Section - We the People Exh.1016KlapthorPol. His.JW03/19/197669CS35mmP
76-435076-4353Silver Centerpiece "Hiawatha"[Restricted!]1247RothCos & Furn.AFH03/08/19764BW4x5P
76-435076-4352Silver Centerpiece "Hiawatha"[Restricted!]1247RothCos & Furn.AFH03/08/19763CS35mmP
76-4354Smithsonian Castle 18th Cen.1560BrownS.I. ArchivesDEH03/19761BW4x5C
76-4355"Little Orphan Annie" Comic Strip1531MarzioGraphic ArtDEH03/19761BW4x5C
76-4356Advertisements: "Dancing Teddy" & "Comb. Doll & Teddy"1635CollinsPol. His.DEH03/19761BW4x5C
76-435776-4360Aero Commander L-260894EdwardsNASM Lib.DT02/30/19764BW4x5C
76-436176-4362Luncheon for Margaret Mead & Mrs. Bell.1588WallaceOff. SSSRKH03/17/19762 RLSBW35mmP
76-4363Construction Shots of Hall 29 - MNH1338BehlenExhibits MNHJW03/23/19761 RLBW35mmP
76-436476-4365Light House Lens & Clockwork (Marine Hall 1st Floor MHT)1578KnowlesTrans.AFH03/23/19762BW4x5P
76-436676-4367Love Feast Table1433AhlbornE & WCHRKH03/23/19762BW4x5P
76-4368Algonquin Indian Village (MNH Bicen. Hall) [Black & White Pen & Ink]MeadEd. MNH--1BW8x10P
76-4369U.S. Calvary Guidon - Custer Battle Field[Restricted]1647HutchinsEisen. Insti.DT03/25/19761BW4x5C
76-437076-4371Constr. Shots of West Court Middle Level & Rotunda Level1438TownsendODNHJW03/22/19762 RLSBW35mmP
76-4372U.S. Calvary Regimental Standard------CS35mm-
76-4372U.S. Calvary Regimental Standard1391HutchinsEisen. Insti.JW03/25/19761BW4x5P
76-4373Air Traffic Control - Special Exhibits1113LopezNASMRBF03/18/19761 RLBW120mmP
76-4374Employee of Month - M. Jackson (Feb.), S. Copeland (Mar.)1469, 879DoaneWare. Ser. Div.RBF03/24/19761 RLBW120mmP
76-437576-4379Photo's of Important People1623KidwellCos & Furn.--5BW4x5C
76-4380Repro. of "The Allegory of Franklin & Washington"-DeimerOPPS--1CS35mmP
76-438176-4389Handbooks, Documents, Insurance Pol., Pamphlets {Gifts of American Institute of Marime Underwriters}1021SawyerTrans.DT03/26/19769BW4x5C
76-439076-4400Model Ship: Tillie E. Starbuck1496JacksonTrans.AFH03/19/197611BW4x5P
76-439076-4400Model Ship: Tillie E. Starbuck(Excluding 76-4392 & 76-4395-96)1496JacksonTrans.AFH03/19/19768CS4x5p
76-4401Portrait of George Farragut1580DearbornCata. of Amer. Port.AFH03/23/19761BW35mmp
76-4401Portrait of George Farragut1580DearbornCata. of Amer. Port.AFH03/23/19761CT4x5p
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