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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
77-352277-3523Stamps of Men Who Belong to the Cosmos Club7-0391WashburnNPGJ.G.03/17/19772CT4x5P
77-3524Currier and Ives Chromolithograph “The Alarm"1265SpearsGraphic ArtsJ.G.03/17/19771CT4x5P
77-3525First Ladies Jewelry & Accessories - MHT[Title Pages]KennedyOPPS1CS35mmP
77-35261876 Exhibit - A & I Bldg. w/TrainKennedyOPPS1CS35mmP
77-3527We the People - MHT w/ LincolnKennedyOPPS1CS35mmP
77-3528First Ladies Hall - MHTKennedyOPPS1CS35mmP
77-35291876 Exhibit - A & I Bldg. w/Women in CostumeKennedyOPPS1CS35mmP
77-3530Anon - MHT w/OwlKennedyOPPS1CS35mmP
77-3531Anon - MHT w/Neon SignsKennedyOPPS1CS35mmP
77-3532We the People - MHT Picture w/CAP. in BACKR.KennedyOPPS1CS35mmP
77-3533Steam Auto Built by Sylvester Hayward Roper1299BerkebileTRANS.1BW4x5C
Two Prints from MS Box 79, R13N, Rafinesque, C.L. Notebook #17CANCELED S.I. ARCHIVES7-0392KastnerNew YorkCANCELED S.I. ARCHIVES
77-353477-3535Two Prints from MS Box 79, R13N, Rafinesque, C.L. Notebook #17CANCELED S.I. ARCHIVES1355ThomasNAADEH03/15/19772BW4x5CCANCELED S.I. ARCHIVES
77-3536Pg. 321, Fig. 1 fr. Encylopedia of Physics Nuclear Instrumentation I.1101FormanE & NEDT03/19771BW4x5C
77-3537DH. 106-Comet 11284OakesNASMDT03/19771BW4x5C
77-3538MNH Bldg.KennedyOPPSAFH2CN, CT4x5, 4x5P, C
77-3539Child’s Playhorse #L-64 - Sioux0084StuckenrathAnthroVEK03/19771BW4x5P
77-354077-3543Rutherford’s Apparatus at McGill UniversityLeary(E & NE) OppsRec’d fr. Div.4BW4x5C
77-354477-3545Model of MHT0737DanzenbakerODDRGM03/19772BW4x5P
77-3546Circular for the Shinnecock Summer School of Art(Restricted)0394AllenAAADT03/17/19771BW4x5P
77-3547Robert Henri Class Notes, 1915(Restricted)0394AllenAAADT03/17/19772BW4x5P
77-354877-3549Buzz Toy (Two Views)1026RothCos & Furn.RB03/18/19772BW4x5P
77-355077-3551Toy Top (Two Views)1026RothCos & FurnRB03/18/19772BW4x5P
77-355277-3555Toy Top1026RothCos & FurnRB03/18/19774CS35mmP
77-355677-3558Buzz Toy1026RothCos & FurnRB03/18/19773CS35mmP
77-355977-3568American Rockingham Ware3588Miller IICer & GlassRB03/18/197710BW4x5P
77-355977-3568American Rockingham Ware3588Miller IICer & GlassRB03/18/197710CS35mmP
77-3569Scotts Phonoautography0842StephensMech Civ & EngRH03/11/19771BW4x5P
77-356977-3570Scotts PhonoautographyCS nif 4/920842StephensMech Civ & EngRH03/11/19772, 2CS, CT35mm, 4x5P
77-357177-3573Frank Nelson Doubleday Dinner990BertholdPub AffRH03/16/19773 rlsBW35mmP

Transcription Notes:
took a guess on a word in 77-3534, under the D in Canceled (R13N)?

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