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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
77-552377-5526Crewel Embroidery6-2008, 6395McClellan, BowmanD.C., TextAFH03/31/19774BW4x5P
77-552377-5526Crewel Embroidery6-2008, 6395McClellan, BowmanD.C., TextAFH03/31/19774CS35mmP
77-552777-5530Crewel Embroidery6-2008, 6395McClellan, BowmanD.C., TextAFH03/31/19774BW4x5P
77-5531Sampler6-2008, 6395McClellan, BowmanD.C., TextAFH03/31/19771BW4x5P
77-5531Sampler6-2008, 6395McClellan, BowmanD.C., TextAFH03/31/19771CS35mmP
77-553277-5551Needlework6-2008, 6395McClellan, BowmanD.C., TextAFH03/31/197720CS35mmP
77-555277-5558Ceramic Hall7-437McClellanCer/GlassAFH04/19777CS35mmP
77-5559Mexican SaddleAlhbornW. Cul His1CT4x5P
77-5560Mexican SaddleAhlbornW. Cul His1CT4x5P
77-556177-5562California SaddleAlhbornW. Cul His2BW4x5P
77-5563Mexican Saddle of HarneyAhlbornW. Cul His1BW4x5P
77-5563Mexican Saddle of HarneyAhlbornW. Cul His2CN, CT4x5P
77-5564Mexican Saddle of SheridanAhlbornW. Cul His1BW4x5P
77-5565Charro SaddleAhlbornW. Cul His1CN4x5P
77-5565Charro SaddleAhlbornW. Cul His1BW4x5P
77-5566Charro Saddle treeAhlbornW. Cul His1BW4x5P
77-5566Charro Saddle treeAhlbornW. Cul His2CN, CT4x5P
77-5567Vaquero Saddle of Garza/BourkeAhlbornW. Cul His1BW4x5P
77-5567Vaquero Saddle of Garza/BourkeAhlbornW. Cul His2CN, CT4x5P
77-5568Hybird SaddleAhlbornW. Cul His1CT4x5P
77-5569Stock SaddleAhlbornW. Cul His1BW4x5P
77-5569Stock SaddleAhlbornW. Cul His2CN, CT4x5P
77-557077-5571Side SaddleAhlbornW. Cul His2BW4x5P
77-557277-5573Pad Saddle, SiouxAhlbornW. Cul His2BW4x5P
77-5573Pad Saddle, SiouxAhlbornW. Cul His1CN4x5P
77-5574Woman's Saddle CrowAhlbornW. Cul His1BW4x5P
77-5574Woman's Saddle CrowAhlbornW. Cul His2CN, CT4x5P
77-5575Child's Saddle, CheyenneAhlbornW. Cul His1BW4x5P
77-5576Pack Saddle, SiouxAhlbornW. Cul His1BW4x5P
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