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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
77-12044Portrait of Anne Brigman4536OstroffPhoto HisDT08/29/19771BW4x5C
77-12044Daguerretype of Jenny Lind4536OstroffPhoto HisDT08/29/19771BW4x5C
77-12046Relabelled Drawing of ISR intersection Chamber4290FormanE&NE08/19771BW4x5C
77-1204777-12048Postcard to Prof. Lawrence from Gamo Front & Back4649FormanE&NE08/19772BW4x5C
77-12049Aircraft: Ryan SC7-1306, 4777McDonald, EdwardF/A NASM09/19771BW4x5C
77-12050Douglas DC-47-1306, 4777McDonald, EdwardF/A NASM09/19771BW4x5C
77-12051Ryan Bougham7-1306, 4777McDonald, EdwardF/A NASM09/19771BW4x5C
77-1205277-12055Farewell Reception for Gayl Applegate4664WoodSp. EvRKH09/07/19774 rlsBW35mmP
77-1205677-12058Various Dept. Stores 20th Century Fashions4822KidwellCos & FurnRKH09/08/19773 rlsBW35mmP
77-1205977-120601st Luncheon Time Performance of the U.S. Navy Commodores MHT3738BretholdPub AffRKH09/09/19772 rlsBW35mmP
77-1206177-12063Lunchtime Activities on Mall4915LindemanPub AffRKH09/12/19773 rlsBW35mmP
77-12064Details of Hayes Gown4857CoffeePol. HisAFH08/19/19771 rlBW35mmP
77-1206577-12066Details of Hayes Gown4857CoffeePol. HisAFH08/19/19772CS35mmP
77-1206777-12073Santa Claus4693RothCos & FurAFH08/31/19777BW4x5P
77-1206777-12073Santa Claus4693RothCos & FurnAFH08/31/19777CS35mmP
77-1207477-12103Objects to be Exhibits in "Atom Smashers: 50 yrs"4533FormanE&NEAFH08/30/197730BW4x5P
77-1210477-12128Objects to be Exhibits in "Atom Smashers: 50 yrs"4533FormanE&NEAFH08/31/197725BW4x5P
77-1212977-12146Objects to be Exhibits in "Atom Smashers: 50 yrs"4533FormanE&NEAFH09/06/197718BW4x5P
77-1214777-12153Objects to be Exhibits in "Atom Smashers: 50 yrs"4533FormanE&NEAFH09/07/19777BW4x5P
77-1215477-12225ERA Women's March & Rally4717MayoPol. HisRGM08/26/197772CS35mmP
77-1222677-12229Letter sent Geo. Washington (Ap. 26, 1780) James Bowdoin4994DanzenbakerODDRGM09/19774BW8x10C
77-12230Presentation of a set of keys to a truck NMHT4957BertholdPub AffRKH09/14/19771 rlBW35mmP
77-1223177-12287Record Group III, Records of the Chief Signal Officer, U.S. Army, National Archives4661HutchinsEisen. Inst.57BW4x5C
77-12288Smithsonian Chamber Players4895KotkinN.A.P.RKH09/13/19771BW4x5P
77-12289Med. & Chirugcal Faculty of the State of MarylandMed. Sci. Press proof sheet w/neg.#JacksonMed. Sci.1 rlBW120mmP
77-12290Varian Brothers3643FormanE&NE1BW4x5C
77-12291Hansen w/Rhumbatron3643FormanE&NE1BW4x5C
77-1229277-12307Elijah Backus Steamboat Documents4708JacksonTrans.DT09/197716BW4x5C
77-1230877-12309Mechanical & Civ. Eng. Objects4833TullyMech. & Civ. Eng.09/19772 rlsBW35mmP
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