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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
78-5826First airplane in Shenandoah area - Curtiss biplane1958WooldridgeNASM, AERODT04/19781BW4x5C
78-5827Seat in Spirit of St. Louis1956SpenserNASM, AERODT04/19781BW4x5C
78-582878-5829V-173 - 3/4 front and rear views (Flying Pancake)8-0529, 2254Ruff, EdwardsCalif, NASM Lib.DT04/19782BW4x5C
78-583078-5834Exterior & interior shots of planting - SI Castle1279BucklerHorti.RKH04/24/19785 RlsBW35mmP
78-583578-5836Child's paint set - used by T.R.'s children in White House2296CollinsPol. His.JW04/25/19782BW4x5P
78-5837Brunswick-Kroeschell pressure gauge dial2230WothingtonM & CEJW04/26/19781BW4x5P
78-5838Retort, Cat. #336, 5242048NortonPhys. Sci.JW04/25/19782BW4x5P
78-5839"Stella" - Brass StarRestricted2286Clain-StefanelliNumis.JW04/26/19781BW4x5P
78-5840View of San Francisco Earthquake taken from a kite camera1986EdwardsNASM Lib.RBF04/25/19782BW4x5C
78-584178-5844Dulken Harpsichord - details of sounding board1970HollisMus. Inst.AFH04/13/19784BW4x5P
78-584178-5844Dulken Harpsichord - details of sounding board1970HollisMus. Inst.AFH04/13/19784CT4x5P
78-584578-5854Wooten Desks (Grey Card w/ 78-5845)8-0481DubrowN.Y.AFH04/10/197810CN4x5P
78-585578-5872Illustrations - Looms2364AdroskoText.DEH04/197818BW4x5C
78-5873Cultural Hist. - "Adrion" Fashions - Case of the Month2155, 2325Danzenbaker, KidwellODD, Cost.AFH04/28/19781BW4x5P
78-587478-5876Locomotives & related subjects2494WhiteTrans.REC'D FR. DIV.04/28/19783BW8x10
78-587778-5878Reception - first "Handbook of North American Indians"2245WoodSpec. Ev.RKH04/27/19782 RlsBW35mmP
78-587978-5896Lithographs - Famous People (Burroughs Coll.)2108MayoPol. His.AFH04/27/197818BW4x5P
78-589778-5901All white quilt - dated 1760Restricted2303BowmanText.AFH04/20/19785BW4x5P
78-589778-5902All white quilt - dated 1760Restricted(78-5900 Not in File)2303BowmanText.AFH04/20/19785CS35mmP
78-590378-5909Aircrafts and engineers8-0583, 2261Foley, EdwardsD.C., NASM Lib.DT04/19787BW4x5C
78-591078-5918Aircraft - Boeing, Martin, Sikorsky, Curtiss8-0582, 2260Kavelaars, EdwardsNetherlands, NASM Lib.DT04/19789BW4x5C
78-5919Rittenhouse clock(78-5919 - BW available)0320PenlandOPPSDP04/14/19781BW, CT4x5P(78-5919 - BW available)
78-592078-5921French Orrery78-5920 CS0320PenlandOPPSDP04/21/19782CT4x5P
78-5922DiDandi clock0320PenlandOPPSDP04/21/19782CT, CN4x5P
78-592378-59251401 Locomotive78-5924 CS0320PenlandOPPSDP04/21/19783CT4x5P
78-592678-5945NASM Photos1864WinterAstroDT04/197820BW4x5C
78-594678-5989Pieces of scrimshaw0680GolovinDom. LifeAFH04/24/197844BW4x5P
78-5946, 78-598578-5982, 78-5992Pieces of scrimshaw0680GolovinDom. LifeAFH04/24/197845CS35mmP

Transcription Notes:
Hard read on 78-5926 last number on Work Order #. Do agree that it was a "4"

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