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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
79-225179-2252Bromeliads in MRH Greenhouse1304LindemanOPARKH03/06/19792 rlsBW35mmP
79-225379-2254Gloria Steinem presents lecture to SI Women's Council1041SedilloSup ActRKH03/05/19792 rlsBW35mmP
79-2255Glena Borowski - OMP in film studio1299LindemanOPARKH03/05/19791 rlBW35mmP
79-2256Keith Ferris - Miniature NASM Mural - Flying Fortress - 1976RestrictedNASM1CT8x10
79-2257Gen views & units of Chase Manhattan Bank Exhibit1272StefanelliNumisDP1 rlBW35mmP
79-225879-2301Freda Reiter Drawings7458CollinsPol HisDT03/197944BW4x5C
79-230279-2306Mrs. Johnson Garrett's "G" dinner service0896KlapthorPol HisAFN02/27/19795BW4x5P
79-230279-2306Mrs. Johnson Garrett's "G" dinner service0896KlapthorPol HisAFN02/27/19795CS35mmP
79-230779-2310Child's dresser0665AhlbornComm LifeAFN02/27/19794BW4x5P
79-230779-2308Child's dresser0665AhlbornComm LifeAFN02/27/19792CS35mmP
79-231079-2311Child's dresser0665AhlbornComm LifeAFN02/27/19792CS35mmP
79-2313Shadow box at Amy Carter School1386MelendezPerf ArtRKH02/16/19791 rlBW35mmP
79-231479-2315Lecture at the SI Bldg 1st Floor Lounge1292PlattWWCRKH03/07/19792 rlsBW35mmP
79-2316Sign at NASM - Cost of removing chewing gum1297LindemanOPARKH03/08/19791 rlBW35mmP
79-2317Album covers1300LindemanOPARKH03/06/19791 rlBW35mmP
79-2318Architect Mike Miller Office of Facilities Planning and Engineering Ser1301LindemanOPARKH03/08/19791 rlBW35mmP
79-2319Someone touching itmes in NPG's New "Haptic Gallery"1303LindemanOPARKH03/07/19791 rlBW35mmP
79-232079-2337NSP Kodiak Bears0671KingNZPMM Corp18CS35mmP
79-233879-2388Keepers & African Elephants NZP0621KingNZPMMCorp51CS35mmP
79-238979-2451Beaver Valley Construction NZP0621KingNZPMMCorp63CS35mmP
79-2452Woman Operating a Cherry Picker at NASM1389LindemanOPARKH03/09/19791 rlBW35mmP
79-245379-2468Zoo visitors NZP0621KingNZPMMCorp16CS35mmP
79-246979-2474Penn Station Eagle NZP0621KingNZPMMCorp6CS35mmP
79-247579-2490Zoo Graphics0621KingNZPMMCorp16CS35mmP
79-2491Unwrapping Japanese made dolls, Gloria Muskie0536MaddenOERBF01/29/19791 rlBW120mmP
79-249279-2499Zoo Entrance Sign0621KingNZPMMCorp8CS35mmP
79-250079-2516Albums & Books by Rudolf Eickemeyer Jr.1163HabersteinPhoto His03/1979BW4x5C
79-251779-2520No Descripton - "Sent to NAA for caption"9-0125, 0646Rollins, KerrColo, NAADT03/19794BW4x5C
79-252179-2591Schumann-Heink Medals0687MayoPol HisAFH03/06/197971BW4x5C
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