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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
83-438483-4393Covered Jar #1160Restricted83-418MillerBus MgmtBG04/20/19837CS35mmP
83-439483-4414Contemporary Photos2049FooteCostDT04/20/198321BW4x5C
83-441583-4423Feather Screen Fans1731FooteCostBG04/13/19839BW4x5P
83-441584-4423Feather Screen Fans1731FooteCostBG04/13/19839CS35mmP
83-4424Presentation Cer: F. Joseph Von Turi - Hall C&G2144WeinerSp EvJP04/22/19831rlBW35mmP
83-4425Disassembly of AK 47 Assault Rifle (Cat. #70360M)1473EzellMil HisDP04/18/19831rlBW35mmP
83-442683-4427Exh. Cases - Supremes', Gowns, Ali's Gloves, & Students Trans. Hall2007SharpeOPAPDP04/18/1983, 04/20/19832 rlsBW35mmP
83-4428Portraits - Dr. R. Teare, Dr. K. Carter, & Dr. I.G. Howard1272BushAn NIH NZPDP04/21/19831rlBW35mmP
83-442983-4484Artifacts of Various Indian Culturals6048LinnAnthroVEK10/1982-11/198256BW4x5P
83-447083-4484Artifacts of Various Indian Culturals6048LinnAnthroVEK10/1982-11/198215CT4x5P
83-448583-4486P. E. Garber Preser, Rest. & Storage Facility2374AeroAeroDEH04/19/19832 rlsBW35mmP
83-448783-4491Paul Garber Facility Open House2370McMahonNASM / PubDEH04/16/19835 rlsBW35mmP
83-449283-4494PSA Filming w/Gregory Peck2327WiltshireOPAJT04/25/19833 rlsBW35mmP
83-449583-4500Trade Cards - Singer Sewing Machines1686JanssenTextDT03/28/19836BW4x5C
83-449583-4500Trade Cards - Singer Sewing Machines1686JanssenTextJAG04/19/19836CS35mmP
83-4501Home of James Patton, built 18082391AdroskoText1BW4x5C
83-450283-4503Illus. from Manuscript - David Noble Johnson969LangleyNav HisJAG04/19/19832CN4x5P
83-450283-4503Illus. from Manuscript - David Noble Johnson969LangleyNav HisJAG04/19/19832CT4x5P
83-4504Engraving of Sailor - Journal of David N. Johnson969LangleyNav HisDT03/03/19831BW4x5C
83-450583-4511Mus Support CenterOPPSOPPSRKH03/19837CS35mmP
83-4512Brooklyn Bridge Construction - Brooklyn Bridge Exh.1773ShaytM&CEDP04/20/19831BW4x5P
83-451383-4516Shaker Tape & Treadle Looms2388AdroskoTextDT04/27/19834BW4x5C
83-454783-4551Aerospatiale SA 341G Gazelle1516OwenAeroDEH03/30/19835BW4x5C
83-455283-4591Lae, New Guinea, Airfields, etc(83-4579 -> 4588, 90, 91 = 11x14 negs.)2481ShawRecd Mgmt NASMDiv40BWLGR 8x10P / C
83-459283-4632DIA Collection(83-4592 -> 4610 = 11x14 negs.) (83-4612 -> 4632 = 11x14)2482ShawNASMDiv41BWLGR 8x10P
83-463383-4683Div-Caption2347OstroffPhoto HisDT04/26/198319BW4x5C
83-465283-4683Root Album Photos1919GreenbergNAADT04/21/198332BW4x5C
83-468483-4687Leslie's Illus. Article on the Chickerings (16 Ap 1859)2383HooverMus InstDiv4BW8x10C
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