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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
83-14003March on Washington Exhibit - Overall[[in header]] March, some restrictions see RFC - (Exhibit)4937MayoPol HisEL08/25/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1400483-14005March on Washington Exhibit4937MayoPol HisEL08/25/19831CS35mmP
83-14006March on Wash. Exhibit - Panels & Rev. King's Suit4937MayoPol HisEL08/25/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1400783-14010March on Wash. Exhibit - Panels & Rev. King's Suit4937MayoPol HisEL08/25/19834CS35mmP
83-14011March on Wash. Exhibit - Panels4937MayoPol HisEL08/25/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1401283-14016March on Wash. Exhibit - Panels4937MayoPol HisEL08/25/19835CS35mmP
83-14017Portrait David Haberstich5617HaberstichArch CtrDP09/26/19831 rlBW35mmP
83-14018Flax Hackle on Stand & Loom Bench4560VannTextilesEL09/27/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1401983-14021Flax Hackle on Stand & Loom Bench4560VannTextEL09/27/19833CS35mmP
83-14022Spinning Wheels - Overall & Detail4560VannTextEL09/27/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1402383-14025Spinning Wheels - Overall & Detail4560VannTextEL09/27/19833CS35mmP
83-14026Doll, Printed & Hand Cards4560VannTextEL09/27/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1402783-14029Doll, Printed & Hand Cards4560VannTextEL09/27/19833CS35mmP
83-14030Scutching Knife4560VannTextEL09/27/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1403183-14033Scutching Knife4560VannTextEL09/27/19833CS35mmP
83-14034Loom Bench 388863, Basket T68614560VannTextEL09/27/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1403583-14036Loom Bench 388863, Basket T68614560VannTextEL09/27/19832CS35mmP
83-14037Hackle, Overall & Detail T8889, & Hackle on Stand, 1983.0279.014560VannTextEL09/27/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1403883-14040Hackle, Overall & Detail T8889, & Hackle on Stand, 1983.0279.014560VannTextEL09/27/19833CS35mmP
83-14041T.18130, Detail & Overall, Hackle - Detail 1983.0279.014560VannTextEL09/27/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1404283-14044T.18130, Detail & Overall, Hackle - Detail 1983.0279.014560VannTextEL09/27/19833CS35mmP
83-14045Wearing Basket E388864, Doll, Woven - Obv/Rev 1983.0280.024560VannTextEL09/27/19831 rlBW120mmP
83-1404683-14048Wearing Basket E388864, Doll, Woven - Obv/Rev 1983.0280.024560VannTextEL09/27/19833CS35mmP
83-14049Carta Marina - 15165657JacobsDesignES09/19831BW8x10C
83-14050Map of 15075655JacobsDesignES09/19831BW8x10C
83-1405183-14052Chinese Drawloom5680AdroskoTextES09/19832BW4x5C
83-1405383-14059Ales Hrdlicka Box 3, 17 & 1883-1132, 5392Lyle ThomasAlaska NAAES09/26/19837BW4x5C
83-14060Regents Dinner, Chris Hohenlohe Receiving Award5578RoseOSEKN09/18/19831 rlBW35mmP
83-14061Charles Lyell, ca. 18495285HeissSI ArchES09/12/19831BW4x5C
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