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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
84-141584-1416Flight for Children - Brooke Knapp - Nat'l Airport929WallaceOPPSDEH02/15/19842 rlsBW35mmP
84-141784-1418Amphibious Transport Glider & AF2W's914ShawAeroHB02/17/19842BW4x5C
84-141984-1445Photo from U.S. Forest Service646CochraneAeroMA02/14/198427BW4x5C
84-144684-14471984 Women's Voter Rally & Susan B. Anthony Birth.959WallaceOPPSJW02/15/19842 rlsBW35mmP
84-1448Redskin Parade After Super Bowl - 1984513WallaceOPPSRKH01/25/19841 rlBW35mmP
84-144984-1453Redskin Parade After Super Bowl - 1984513WallaceOPPSKN01/25/19845 rlsBW35mmP
84-145484-1458Redskin Parade After Super Bowl - 1984513WallaceOPPSJT01/25/19845 rlsBW35mmP
84-145984-1462Redskin Parade After Super Bowl - 1984513WallaceOPPSJP01/25/19844 rlsBW35mmP
84-146384-1474Redskin Rally-After Super Bowl - 1984513WallaceOPPSJP01/25/198412CS35mmP
84-147584-1482Basket w/ Spindles, & Drop Spindles439VannTextBG01/30/19848BW4x5P
84-147684-1481Basket w/ Spindles, & Drop SpindlesExcluding: 84-1478 and 84-1479439VannTextBG01/30/19844CS35mmP
84-148384-1487Basket w/ Spindles, & Drop Spindles439VannTextBG01/30/19845CS35mmP
84-1488S.I. Security Conference, Key Bridge754BartelOPSEL02/21/19841 rlBW120mmP
84-148984-1492Vega Violin, Ukelin & Bow7311SturmMus InstJP02/17/19844BW4x5P
84-1493Margaret Christman, Research Hist. NPG7476KotkinREPDP02/16/19841 rlBW35mmP
84-149484-1504Equipment, Horse, U.S. Cavalry570HutchinsEisen InstDiv11BW4x5C
84-1505Digitizing Camera Systemsee 84-1582-85 CS1041MartellaNASMJPV02/21/19841 rlBW120mmP
84-1506Sample Record of Waves of Interstellar Origin7191GreenwallE&MPDT02/13/19841BW4x5C
84-150784-1508Self-Acting Foot Lathe272ShaytM&CEDT02/13/19842BW4x5C
84-1509Joseph Zentmayer Cat. #69.160.241040OstroffPhoto HisDiv1BW4x5C
84-1510Two Bicyclist of Capitol Bicycle Club788TolbertTransMA02/14/19841BW4x5C
84-151184-1517Armed Forces Hall Project - Studio Photo.773LundebergNav. His.JP02/16/19847BW4x5P
84-151184-1517Armed Forces Hall Project - Studio Photo.773LundebergNav. His.JP02/16/19847CT4x5P
84-151884-152084-1518-20 Unassigned
84-152184-1528Ancient Tablets, Block Prints, Chinese Book Yr 19711139BergerDib. MHT Lib.19718BW4x5C
84-152984-1541SE-5 Aircraft1950SchneideAeroMA02/21/198413BW4x5C
84-1542Federal Express (Baseline)416OwensNASM / ExhibitHB02/22/19841 rlBW120mmP
84-1543Altimeter (First Kollsman)1047LeyesAeroHB02/22/19841 rlBW120mmP
84-154484-1549Messerschmitt Bf 1105940SpenserAeroMA02/21/19846BW4x5C

Transcription Notes:
Please check work 1971, 1139. Can’t tell if (yr 1971) belongs in description or with work order number. (Left as is). Work order #1041 Martella could be Martelk (Left as is). JPV could be IPV (Left as is.) Work order #1950 can either be that or 950 (Left as is).

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