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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
84-632384-6324News Confer. Mike Love & Beach Boys3871WallaceOPPSJT06/13/19842 rlsBW35mmP
84-6325Whooping Crane, Engraving3535WrightGAEL06/19841BW4x5P
84-6325Whooping Crane, Engraving3535WrightGAEL06/19841CT4x5P
84-6326Whooping Crane, Engraving3535WrightGAJAG06/07/19841CT4x5P
84-6327Meeting in Gallup, N.M. 1935Restricted3869RubensteinPol. His.MA06/15/19841BW4x5C
84-632884-6329AAM Convention Delegates3727WienerOSEKN06/12/19842 rlsBW35mmP
84-6330Career Awareness Program Graduation3052ConesEd.KN06/14/19841 rlBW35mmP
84-633184-6332AAM Reception, NPG3727WienerOSEEL06/19842 rlsBW35mmP
84-633384-6334Printing Press & Lithographic Stones2906KilbyNPCEL06/19842 rlsBW120mmP
84-633584-6338Printing Press & Lithographic Stones2906KilbyNPCEL06/19844CS35mmP
84-633984-6345Porcelain Urns Acc. #1982.0805, Cat. #1982.0805.3A,B3411RubensteinPol. HisBG06/04/19847BW120mmP
84-633984-6345Porcelain Urns Acc. #1982.0805, Cat. #1982.0805.3A,B3411RubensteinPol. HisBG06/04/19847CS35mmP
84-634684-6355Roman Gold Solidii Obv & Rev2852StefanelliNumisBG05/17/198410BW4x5P
84-635684-6435Vietnam Unknown ServicemanWallaceOPPSOPPS Staff05/198480CS35mmP
84-643684-6515Vietnam Unknown ServicemanWallaceOPPSOPPS Staff05/198480CS35mmP
84-651684-6595Vietnam Unknown ServicemanWallaceOPPSOPPS Staff05/198480CS35mmP
84-659684-6598div / caption3862TolbertDOTMEM06/15/19843BW8x10C
84-659984-6606div / caption3388GoodeOSHB05/31/19848BW4x5C
84-660784-6610USN Blanket, & Enlisted Blouse2830LangleyAFHEL06/19844 rlsBW120mmP
84-661126 Star Flag - Canton w/ Stars & CU-Star2914LangleyAFHEL06/19841 rlBW120mmP
84-661284-661326 Star Flag - Canton w/ Stars & CU-Star2914LangleyAFHEL06/19842CS35mmP
84-661426 Star Flag - Top of Grommet & Red & White Seams2914LangleyAFHEL06/19841 rlBW120mmP
84-661584-661626 Star Flag - Top of Grommet & Red & White Seams2914LangleyAFHEL06/19842CS35mmP
84-661726 Star Flag - Rev. Red & White Seam & Star - CU2914LangleyAFHEL06/19841 rlBW120mmP
84-661884-661926 Star Flag - Rev. Red & White Seam & Star - CU2914LangleyAFHEL06/19842CS35mmP
84-662084-6638MASH 8055th Unit in Korea, Winter 1950-51orig. w/ Div3543HarrisMd. S.Div19CS35mmDup
84-663984-6642Quad. Construction, & Installation of New Window232GoodeOSJP05/04/1984-06/15/19844 rlsBW35mmP
84-664384-6644Jamie Farr - MASH Exhibit3739DyerOPAJP06/15/19842 rlsBW35mmP
84-664584-6651AAM - MAH, Renwick, HMSG, NASM, & Zoo3727WienerOSEJP06/11/1984-06/13/19847 rlsBW35mmP
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