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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
84-665284-6653Six Story High Flag - Hanging from Trans. Bldg3908WallaceOPPSRKH06/16/19842 rlsBW35mmP
84-665484-6657Refrigerator Cars3861TolbertDOTMA06/10/19844BW4x5C
84-6658Portrait - Dr. Julie Langenberg - Res. Pathology2831MontaliNZPRKH06/19841 rlCN35mmP
84-6659SI Furnishings3931GoodeOSRick Stamm06/18/19841 rlBW35mmP
84-6660Mechanical Cyclotron Analog Radioactive Spec3376ShermanE&MP05/24/19841 rlBW35mmP
84-666184-6662Aerials of Mall(84-4163 BW)3977WallaceOPPSJT04/19842 rlsCT120mmP
84-6663Mr. Salim Ali, Reception, MAH3193BushOSEJP06/13/19841 rlBW35mmP
84-666484-66913240MelderPol. HisJAG06/07/198428CS35mmP
84-669284-6698Berliner Helicopter, Gossamer, Etc.3919SpencerAeroMA06/18/19847BW4x5C
84-669984-6700Douglas World Cruiser A/C Display3781SchneideAeroHB06/19/19842BW4x5C
84-6701Cockburn - Lange Collection3324SchneideAeroHB05/23/19841BW4x5C
84-670284-6708Wiley Post, Ben O. Howard, Earhart, & Flying Howards3887PazmanyAeroHB06/15/19847BW4x5C
84-6709Painting Harriet Lane Cat. #1978.1037.011296CoffeePol. HisLAC03/27/19841BW4x5C
84-6709Painting Harriet Lane Cat. #1978.1037.011296CoffeePol. HisJP03/27/19841CT4x5P
84-6709Painting Harriet Lane Cat. #1978.1037.011296CoffeePol. HisColor Lab03/19841CS35mmC
84-6710Pinus Iynii Berry, Fossil Pine Cone84-586, 3400PaleoVEK06/19841BW4x5P
84-6710Pinus Iynii Berry, Fossil Pine Cone84-586, 3400PaleoVEK06/19841CS35mmP
84-671184-6713Flag Day4007WallaceOPPSDP06/14/19843 rlsBW35mmP
84-6714HCS Poetry Reading by Patel3108PlattWCARH06/14/19841 rlBW35mmP
84-671584-6717WWICS Dinner for Dillon Ripley3418ElyWCARH06/12/19843 rlsBW35mmP
84-671884-6719Dinner in Honor of Dr. Sackler3001BlattbergOSEDP06/11/19842 rlsBW35mmP
84-672084-6721Oil Painting - Geo. Farragut & Water Color CSS Texas2554LundebergAFHHB05/31/19842BW4x5P
84-672084-6721Oil Painting - Geo. Farragut & Water Color CSS Texas2554LundebergAFHTGM05/18/19842CT4x5C
84-6722Men with Coal Cutting Machine3584DanielEx. Ind.KJR06/07/19841BW4x5C
84-672384-6759Prehistoric Artifacts - Ross & Warren County, Ohio3175SmithAnthroVEK05/198437BW4x5P
84-6760Group Photos - National Bldg Mus.3727WienerOSEDP06/13/19841 rlBW120mmP
84-6761Group Photos - National Bldg Mus.3727WienerOSEDP06/13/19841 rlCT120mmP
84-6762Side Crest, Cat. #66.1391507RothDom. Lif.EL04/19841 rlBW120mmP
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