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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
84-7598Battledore - 399490 - Japan4213EisenhartAnthroVEK06/19841CT4x5P
84-759984-7602N.W. Coast: Tlingit84-667, 3747Tucker, BaxterNY NAAHB06/22/19844BW4x5C
84-760384-7629Med. Sci Objects3985DavisMd. ScJAG06/26/198427CS35mmP
84-763084-7677Washington Medals, Obv & Rev (24)3209GillilandNumisJP06/27/198448BW4x5P
84-767884-7686Documents, Bk Title Pg, Map & Engraving4247ChaseLIALAC06/29/19849BW4x5C
84-768784-768818th C. Newspaper Ads3659KidwellCostKN06/21/19842BW4x5P
84-7689Rockaway" Coach, Ca. 1849, Fragments & Orig. Lace2612, 2615AdroskoTextEL07/19841 rlBW120mmP
84-769084-7692"Rockaway" Coach, Ca. 1849, Fragments & Orig. Lace2612, 2615AdroskoTextEL07/19843CS35mmP
84-769384-7694Snow SceneWallaceOPPSEL2CS35mmP
84-769584-7702Snow Scene - Mall w/ Castle in BkgdWallaceOPPSEL8CS35mmP
84-770384-7750Articles from Crockery & Glass Journal, 18983959MyersC&GDiv04/196048BW4x5C
84-775184-7779Propeller Companys4142LeyesAeroMA07/02/198429BW4x5R
84-778084-7790Helicopters(CT's? wasn't submitted 8-8-84)4143LeeAeroMA07/02/198411BW4x5R
84-7791Amelia Earhart4140OakesAeroMA07/02/19841BW4x5C
84-779284-7795Mold Loft & WWI Overseas Flyers Official Roster4139WoolkoAeroHB06/29/19844BW4x5C
84-779684-7798Aircrafts: Vultee V-1, Stinson SM-1, & Sikorsky S-3984-771, 4192Parker, PupekNJ NASMHB06/29/19843BW4x5C
84-7799Lt. A. Raymond w/ His SPA1), WWI4141SpenserAeroMA07/02/19841BW4x5C
84-780084-7804Henriot - Biche 1104199MikeshAeroMA07/02/19845BW4x5C
84-780584-7809Ingrain Carpeting, Carroll Mansion, Balt. (1983)4307AdroskoTextDiv5BW4x5C
84-781084-7811Sidney Mason, Mini. Photo, Cat. #33800, Front & Back3746CuretPol. HisBG06/21/19842BW4x5P
84-7810Sidney Mason, Front, Cat. #338003746CuretPol. HisBG06/21/19841CS35mmP
84-781284-7813Don Jose Dorado, Cat. #33805, Mini. Front & Back3746CuretPol. HisBG06/21/19842BW4x5P
84-7812Don Jose Dorado, Cat. #33805, Mini. Front & Back3746CuretPol. HisBG06/21/19841CS35mmP
84-7814Cassie Mason, Cat. #33798, Framed Photo3341CuretPol. HisBG06/21/19841BW4x5P
84-7814Cassie Mason, Cat. #33798, Framed Photo3341CuretPol. HisBG06/21/19841CS35mmP
84-7815Cassie Mason in Wedding Dress Cat. #336303341CuretPol. H.MA07/02/19841BW4x5C
84-7816App. of Sidney Mason as Consul3341CuretPol. H.MEM06/28/19841BW8x10C
84-781784-7828Story High Flag - Trans. Bld.3908WallaceOPPSRKH06/16/198412CS35mmP
84-782984-7832D.C. Voting Rights Newspaper, 19284332MayoPol. HisDiv4BW8x10C
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