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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
85-776685-7768ANON - The Amer. Entertainment & Sport(w 85-7775)1301KidwellMathBG08/15/19854CS35mmP
85-776985-7771Tall Ships228KidwellMathBG08/15/19852BW4x5P
85-7772Tall Ships, "Mystic Clipper" [SE Waterfront D.C.]228KidwellMathBG08/15/19852CS35mmP
85-777385-7774Earthenware Pitcher, #205,3451885NovickPhoto HisDiv4BW4x5R
85-777385-7774Earthenware Pitcher, #205,345885ThomasNAAJS08/06/19855BW4x5R
85-7775ANON - The Amer. Entertainment & Sports[CS 85-7766]1495AdroskoTextBG08/08/198512CS35mmP
85-777685-7777Jazz in the Palm CourtRothDom LifJS08/28/19851BW4x5R
85-7778Djamal Balbed, A&I, New Shop manager5DicksteinCostJS08/27/19851BW4x5R
85-7779S.I. signing group, "Melismata"8RubensteinPol HisKN08/23/19851 rlBW120mmP
85-778085-7782Printing Presses2 6RubensteinPol HisKN08/23/19853CS35mmP
85-7783Ben Franklin 5 cent stamp, 1847 (Scott 1)85-565, 2465KidwellMathEL09/19851 rlBW120mmP
85-778485-7785Printing Presses2595KidwellMathEL09/19851CS35mmP
85-7786"Jingling Johnny"2353WienerOSEARH08/22/19852 rlsBW35mmP
85-7786Jingling Johnny"2385DreyfussMed SciJS08/27/19851BW4x5R
85-7787Prints of Am. soldiers by Dan N. Chodowiecki2568BediniSILJS08/28/19852BW4x5R
85-7787Prints of Am. soldiers by Dan N. Chodowiecki2568Pasachoff, WellsMA SILJS08/28/19851BW4x5R
85-7787Prints of Am. soldiers by Dan N. Chodowiecki2568MartinOPSDiv1 rlBW35mmP
85-7788Sandanista Raid on U.S. Capitol grounds (students)2572ParsonsPIOJT,JS06/1985, 08/28/19851,1CS, BW35mm, 4x5P,R
85-778985-7807Sandanista Raid on U.S. Capitol grounds (students)2572ThomasNAAJS08/06/19853BW4x5R
85-7808Case of the Month - Rural Electrification2495FooteCostJS08/19/19851BW4x5R
85-7809Case of the Month - Rural Electrification2495FooteCostJS08/29/19851CS35mmP
85-7810National Mus by Hornblauer & Marshall, 179012604WallaceOPPS1BW8x10P
85-7811Soil Conservation - C.O.M.2212WallaceOPPSKN11/9801 rlBW35mmP
85-7812-13Soil Conservation - C.O.M.2212HardingACJS08/30/198532BW4x5R
85-781485-7817Cast & Wrought Iron Bridges2279TatsiosWCARH08/28/19851 rlBW35mmP
85-781885-7823repro from Scrapbook I - Grace Lincoln Temple, Clark2452,2453BallardOFSFreet Photog1CT8x10P
85-7824div/cap2493BaxterNAARS09/03/19851BWSO-015, 4x5R
85-7825Ludlow Griscom & Roger Torry Peterson2465WorthingtonM&CEBG08/27/198512BW4x5P
85-7826Naff Colln - Iube Photos252ElyWCJS09/03/19852 rlsBW35mmP

Transcription Notes:
NOTE!!!! Something is very wrong with this page! The left & right hand pages do not belong together. The number of exposures does not match the neg # at all, ink colors are off, and some requester/departments don't make sense. (i.e. Tall ships ordered by Math?? Rural electrification ordered by Cost??) The negative #s are also way out of sequence with the next page. It looks like there is one (or many) left-hand pages missing from the original book. Have transcribed it as is for what it's worth. Some order numbers partially or completely obscured.

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