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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
86-739The Advertising Case of the Month6684DreyfusArchivesEL01/19861 rlBW120mmP
86-74086-742Ground Hog Thresher718BerryAgr & NatDiv19863BW4x5P
86-74386-746Press Conference of Space Shuttle Disaster in NASM724CipallaNASMDEH01/27/19864 rlsBW35mmP
86-74786-751Press Conference of Space Shuttle Disaster in NASM724CipallaNASMMA01/27/19865 rlsBW35mmP
86-752Douglas SBD562WilsonRec MgtMA01/27/19861CN4x5P
86-752Douglas SBD562WilsonRec MgtMA01/27/19861BW4x5R
86-753French Astronomer598VorkinSpace Sci ExplorationMA01/27/19861BW4x5R
86-754Messerschmitt BF-10986-0048, 561Robson, WilsonVA Rec MgtMA01/27/19861BW4x5R
86-755Luscombe Silvaire Sedan558Robson, WilsonVA, Rec MgtMA01/27/19861BW4x5R
86-75686-760Aircraft - Vicker VC 10, North American P-51 Dornier DO 28462EdwardsLibraryHB01/27/19865BW4x5R
86-76186-762Closeup - Arado Instrument Panel - German Arado Cockpit461AeroNASMHB01/24/19862BW4x5R
86-76386-774Sundorph Aircraft86-0058,393Murlow, HeissMinn, Rec Mgt DivHB01/24/198612BW4x5R
86-77586-777Junkers Ju 87B Stuka Over USSR - Ca. 1942 #775, On Ground - Ca. 1941 - #776, Take-Off Ca. 1944 - #777389SpencerNASM, AeroHB01/24/19863BW4x5R
86-780Russian Built M26-15470MikeshAeroMA01/17/19861 rlBW35mmP
86-78186-793Russian Built M26-15470MikeshAeroMA01/17/198613CS35mmP
86-794Derek W. Elliott Environmental Portrait...358ElliottSpace Sci ExplorationMA01/29/19861BW4x5P
86-795Tree of Xmas 19856918BucklerHort.EL12/19851BW120mmP
86-79686-805Woman's Costume727FooteCostumeBaggett09/06/197910BW4x5P
86-79686-805Woman's Costume727FooteCostumeDiv198610CT4x5P
86-80686-807Tour Mobile Fire at A&I540LangrallOPAJT01/16/19862BW35mmP
86-80886-809Fan Leaf Unmounted Silk Fan 1878-83[[86-009, 14]]Bates, FooteDC CostumeJP01/19862BW4x5P
86-80886-809Fan Leaf Unmounted Silk Fan 1878-8386-0009, 14Bates, FooteDC CostumeJP01/19862CT4x5P
86-810Mr. Jones Receiving 5 Yrs. Pin318GreeneOPPSEL01/21/19861 rlBW35mmP
86-811Ron Wagaman & His Partner as Ballroom Dancer for Leisure539LangrallOPAMA01/31/19861 rlBW35mmP
86-812US Delivery Sleigh140BurkeConser.JT01/21/19861 rlBW35mmP
86-81386-814US Delivery Sleigh140BurkeConser.JT01/21/19862 rlsBW120mmP
86-81586-817Retirement Party - Rowell, Koharik, & DiStefanoRetouched Neg 86-1745420WaltonSpec. EventJT01/22/19863 rlsBW35mmP
86-81886-832De Witt, Stinson, & Troop Training in Details753EzellArmed ForcesDiv15CN4x5P

Transcription Notes:
x86-808-809: The work order numbers of the BW and the CT prints don't match. One must be in error.

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