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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
88-1Connie Lee MNH Exhibits Project Manager7545LangrallOPAEL01/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-2Bill McNaught, profile7648LangrallOPARV01/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-388-5Wallace Carothers, Nylons Leg Display & Ivory Pyralin Ad7645KloseMWJS01/04/19883BW4x5R
88-6Ray Seefeldt, new arrival at Internat'l Activities7512LangrallOPALM01/04/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-7Guards at doors7516LangrallOPALM01/05/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-8NASM Guards formation - on duty7516LangrallOPAMA01/05/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-988-26Sikorsky S-427630VanderLindenAeroSB01/05/198818BW4x5R
88-2788-50Space Suits, Stations, Neil Armstrong, Women in aerospace,etc7626KozloskiSS&ESB01/10/198824BW4x5R
88-51Russian Delegation donate painting to NASM in Harwit's office118LopezNASM AdminMA01/06/19881 rlBW120mmP
88-52Portrait - NASM Director Dr. Harwit (for Guard Desk)119HarwitNASM AdminMA01/05/19881 rlBW120mmP
88-53Portrait - Nadya Makovenyi120MakovenyiNASM ExhibitMA01/05/19881 rlBW120mmP
88-5488-78Israel War for Independence & El Al Airlines31WilsonIMD, NASMSB01/06/198825BW4x5R
88-7988-88Various Aircrafts - Curtiss, Boeing and etc34WilsonIMDSB01/05/198810BW4x5R
88-8988-95Atlas Able V, Northrop SM-62, Atlas Able, Thor Agena, Thor Able II32WilsonInfo MgmtSB01/05/19887BW4x5R
88-9688-100Ryan NYP "Spirit of St. Louis"87-1480, 33Arehart, WilsonIll IMDSB01/05/19885BW4x5R
88-101Gunn, Paul I "Pappy"87-1431, 29Gauer, WilsonWisc IMDSB01/05/19881BW4x5R
88-102Tarzon Guided Bomb30WilsonIMDSB01/05/19881BW4x5R
88-103Airship - Germany: L2-129 Hindenberg: Disaster87-660, 27Cero, WilsonCA IMDSB01/05/19881BW4x5R
88-10488-106Salanias & Aldaroso87-1479, 28U.S. Army, WilsonNY IMDSB01/05/19883BW4x5R
88-10788-131Rocket engines - P. Wilkinson Colln.7651WinterSS&ESB01/07/198825BW4x5R
88-1321840 Harrison Ribbon7020MelderPol HisJS01/06/19881BW4x5R
88-13388-135"Find them & Kill them", SPC004762-64.0087-1354, 6628Roscoe, BaxterCA NAAJS01/06/19883BW4x5R
88-13688-148Chenango7070HindleSr HisJS01/06/198813BW4x5R
88-149Artifacts in Com. Life - G. Marx costume, hat, Wizard of Oz scriptsee also 88-6390022St ThomasOPALM01/11/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-15088-163Repro of Tintypes & Daguerreotypes108BabbidgePhoto HisDiv12/198714BW4x5R
88-16488-174Repros of daguerreotypes107BabbidgePhoto HisDiv12/198711BW4x5R
88-17588-185Plains Ind. Art Exh.MNHCC11CS35mmP
88-186not recd
88-18788-191Early Man Fossil SkullsMNHCC5CS35mmP
88-19288-196Dr. Richard Potts Viewing Electron Mi.MNHCC5CS35mmP
88-19788-257Temp Exh. Ebla to DamascusMNHCC61CS35mmP
88-25888-276Paleo Hall ModelMNHCC19CS35mmP
88-27788-290Prep of Fossil Manatee Skele.MNHCC14CS35mmP
88-29188-322Petrology Collection6500BanksMin Sc32BW4x5P
88-32388-345Pottery Bab-edh-dhra - (Near Eastern Archeol. Colln)88-323-334 CS5157MaloneyAnthroVEK08/198723BW4x5P
88-32388-345Pottery Bab-edh-dhra - (Near Eastern Archeol. Colln)88-323-334 CS5157MaloneyAnthroVEK08/198712, 23CS, CT4x5P
88-346Flying Tiger Insignia in Chennault Case117SchneideAeroMA01/12/19881 rl120mmP
88-347Turbojet Engine - Junker Jato7631LeyesAeroMA01/07/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-348Icarus Hang Glider151LeeAeroMA01/07/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-349Voyager Aircraft Exhibit149CipallaPA & MSMA01/12/19881 rlBW120mmP

Transcription Notes:
88-270-290 start number is clearly incorrect and should be 88-277-290 as transcribed--this matches the Neg # sequence and also the number of exposures for this line Reviewing lines 88-103 and 88-104-106 show information that looks like it should be description notes or additional information?

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