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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
88-5735Duncan Pfyfe table - SI Castle - publicity photos1056WandermanProd Dev & LicRWS02/26/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-573688-5760Bridges & steel production834WorthingtonEng & IndJS03/03/198825BW4x5R
88-5761Bob Post & Jeff Howard w/ cable from GW Bridge1033LangrallOPAJT03/07/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-5762Portrait - Group - 1st Lady Stampede0247FlemingNAA1BW4x5R
88-5763Moccasins - 270007 - U.S. Plains, N. Amer. Eth. Colln887CrawfordAnthroVEK02/19881BW4x5P
88-576488-5765Snowknife 36591, Eskimo Culture887CrawfordAnthroVEK02/19882BW4x5P
88-5766Bessie Smith, Spills fire & fury Hateful Blues1214MayoACJS03/04/19881BW8x10R
88-576788-5786Afro-Americans - Cereals, Soap & Record1214MayoACJS03/04/198820BW4x5R
88-578788-5824Railway Mail838PopeNPCDiv38CS35mmP
88-582588-5848Rocket Engine pics on loan from E. Seymour1237WinterNASM, SS&ESB03/08/198824BW4x5R
88-584988-5991Calle Sketches1131LawsonNASM ArtSB03/23/1988143BW4x5P
88-599288-6003Calle Sketches1131LawsonNASM ArtSB03/23/198812BW4x5P
88-599288-6003Calle Sketches1131LawsonNASM ArtSB03/23/198812CT4x5P
88-600588-6022NASM Art Colln.1030LewisSS&EMA02/24/198818CS35mmP
88-602388-6041NASM Art Colln.1133LewisSS&ESB03/03/198819CS35mmP
88-604288-6050NASM Art Colln.1030LewisSS&ESB03/03/19889CS35mmP
88-6051R.H. Goddard Rocket, 1926884WinterSS&EMA03/04/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-605288-6053Disemble of Hughe's Racer1345BattagliaAir & Space MagMA03/02/19882 rlsBW120mmP
88-605488-6056Construction at NASM Cafe1408CipallaPublic AffairsMA03/08/9883 rlsBW120mmP
88-6057VIP in vertical flight gallery Carther Harman, Jim Phelan, Jean Ross Howard1269LeeAeroMA02/04/19881 rlBW120mmP
88-6058Nimbus Model, Biosatellitte 3 in crate1267HillSS&EMA03/19/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-6059Prison Treadwheel in use1293ShaytEng & IndDiv1 rlBW35mmP
88-606088-6061Voyager Exhibit954MikeshAeroMA03/10/19882 rlsBW120mmP
88-606288-6086Air Mail870PopeNPCDiv25BW slides35mmP
88-608788-6089Illustrations from Manual of Hygenic Modes of Underdressing1064FooteCostJS03/09/19883BW4x5R
88-609088-6091Objects in "Person to Person" exhibit1220ShermanE & MPDiv02/19882 rlsBW35mmP
88-6092Cartoon - Mickey Mouse1079ArnoldMWAsman03/19881CT4x5R
88-6093Set Square 333926243KidwellMathEL02/19881BW4x5P
88-6093Set Square 333926243KidwellMathEL02/19881CT4x5P
88-6093Set Square 333926243KidwellMathEL02/19881CS35mmP
88-609488-6099Smithson String Quartet - musicians & instruments831DavisMus HisDP02/19886 rlsBW120mmP
88-610088-6106Smithson String Quartet - musicians & instruments831DavisMus HisDP02/19887 rlsCT120mmP
88-610788-6125Highway Post Office (PHPO) Buses1259PopeNPCJAG03/10/198819CS35mmP
88-612688-6154Objects for Bond project(CS 88-5657-5721)4166StephensEng & IndDP198729 rlsBW120mmP
88-615588-6162Objects for Bond project4166StephensEng & IndDP19878 rlsBW35mmP
88-616388-6180Objects for Bond project4166StephensEng & IndDP10/198718 rlsCT120mmP
88-6181Korean Award Winner - Corn Hall1286MelendezPub ProgJT03/11/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-6182Baby in cradleboard393ThomasNAADiv1BW4x5R

Transcription Notes:
88-6004 is missing in the Neg # sequence

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