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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
88-9632Philip D. Spiess II, Portrait2832Spiess IIKellog Proj, OMPEL05/13/19881 rlBW35mmPOMP - Office of Museum Programs
88-963388-9644Repro. of Tintypes, Stereos, Etc.2845BabbidgePhoto HisDiv198812BW4x5RC.H. - Carl Hansen
88-9645Western Union Telegraph Off. Sitka, Alaska2808HardingACJS05/11/19881BW4x5R
88-9646Washington Monument Construction2730WorthingtonEng & IndDi1BW4x5R
88-964788-9648KIARS - Communist World Conference2436ElyWCRV05/07/19882 rlsBW35mmP
88-9649Brooks Award Ceremony2328BayOSEEL05/11/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-965088-9654Pesticides, "Science, Power, & Conflict," Exhibit2822BerryAg & Nat'l ResDiv5BW4x5R
88-965588-9812Foreign Stamps2774PopeNPCDiv158CS35mmP
88-9813League of Women Voters Booth, 1920's88-642, 2859Mayo, KatzMD Pol HisJS05/16/19881BW4x5R
88-981488-9819Frank Nelson Doubleday Lecture2660BushExt AffHT05/12/19886 rlsBW35mmP
88-982088-9823Asian Pacific American Heritage Week2566AndersonOSEHT05/10/19884 rlsBW35mmP
88-982488-9825Chennault, Claire: H. Morgan: R. Scott: W. Bayse2801Dan Bauer, KaiserIL Info MgmtSB05/13/19882BW4x5R
88-9826Head of 1730 French viola da gamba2636SlowikMus HisDP05/04/19881BW4x5P
88-9826Head of 1730 French viola da gamba2636SlowikMus HisDP05/04/19881CT4x5P
88-982788-9829Postal History2313GeraciNPCJAG05/19883CT4x5P
88-983088-9838Repros. Daguerreotypes & Tintypes2896BabbidgePhoto HisDiv9BW4x5R
88-983988-9841div captions2696VannTextDiv3CS35mmP
88-9842div caption Dentistry2875DavisMed Sci1 rlBW35mmP
88-984388-9849Cold Room Storage, "Hurricane," Mercury Computer, Fabric Kingfisher2931AeroNASMMA05/18/19887 rlsBW35mm
88-985088-9855Douglas DC-3: Instrument Panel, Motor Home, Interior - United Airlines, Air Exp.: Air Cargo, DC-3: American Airline: Niagara Falls, NY2683RichSI - Mag.SB05/18/19886BW4x5R
88-985688-9857Levier, Anthony W.: Lockheed T-332165CeruzziSS&ESB05/18/19882BW4x5R
88-985888-9883Drawings by Dean & Lawless2798Lawson-BellNASM ArtSB05/16/198826BW4x5R
88-988488-9885Drawings by Ben Lawless2798Lawson-BellNASM ArtSB05/16/19882BW4x5R
88-988488-9885Drawings by Ben Lawless2798Lawson-BellNASM ArtSB05/16/19882CT4x5R
88-9886div captions Dentistry2507DavisMed SciDiv1 rlBW35mmP
88-9887ASP / Industrial Democracy Conference1498ElyWCARH03/28/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-9888ASP / Industrial Democracy Conference1499ElyWCARH03/29/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-988988-9890ASP / Industrial Democracy Conference1500ElyWCARH03/30/19882 rlsBW35mmP
88-9891Utah State Drug Stamps2890BrunsNPCCH05/17/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-989288-9925Album Pages2313GeraciNPCJAG05/17/198834CS35mmP
88-992688-9927Interior, 1903 Winton Transcontinental Touring Car w/ Debbie Hashim2705, 347WhiteTransDP04/07/19882 rlsBW120mmP
88-992888-9930Interior, 1903 Winton Transcontinental Touring Car w/ Debbie Hashim2705, 0347WhiteTransDP04/07/19883 rlsCT120mmP
88-993188-99451903 Winton Transcontinental Touring Car & 1928 Chevrolet Sedan2705, 0347WhiteTransDP04/198815CS35mmP
88-9946Drawing - Apollo 15 Sketched in the Dark, James Dean2798Lawson-BellNASM ArtSB05/16/19881BW4x5R
88-994788-9953Testing for Jet VTOL on IX-13, Allison J-33 Engine Ryan VTO Test Rig: Ryan X-132551V FozardAeroSB05/18/19887BW4x5R
88-995488-9956Brazilian Air Force Republic P-4702553MikeshAeroSB05/18/19883BW4x5R
88-995788-9958Botali P.A.M.A.2864Passerelli, WilsonNY Info. Mgmt.SB05/18/19882BW4x5R
88-9959Airships: Germany: LZ-129 Hindenburg2865Martin Greenberg, WilsonPA Info MgmtSB05/18/19881BW4x5R
88-996088-9962Poultry & Buggy RR Cars2936TolbertDOTDiv3BW4x5R
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