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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
88-16006Presentation - Washtub base - Fritz Richman4482McCulloughMus HisLM08/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-16007Libba Cotten's Guitar - front view3775SturmMusicRV08/19881CS35mmP
88-1600788-16009Libba Cotten's Guitar - front view - front, oblique & back3775SturmMusicRV08/19883BW4x5P
88-16010Fred Cockerhams Banjo, front view3775SturmMusicRV08/19881CS35mmP
88-1601088-16012Fred Cockerhams Banjo, front view, front, oblique & back3775SturmMusicRV08/19883BW4 x 5P
88-1601388-16020Zanesville, Ohio: Sunday News, c. 19174682BlaszczykC & GJS.08/22/19888BW4 x 5R
88-1602188-16024Obj. for "Material World" exhibit - Teapot, stove & pipe6349OkaDom LifeEL03/19884BW4x5P
88-1602188-16024Obj. for "Material World" exhibit - Teapot, stove & pipe6349OkaDom LifeEL03/19884CS35mmP
88-1602588-16026Cairo by F. Frith & Tintern Abbey by F. Bedford4952BabbidgePh HisJS08/19882BW4x5R
88-160271st Snapping Turtle lawnmower, signing of deed of gift5137RuePub AffEL08/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-16028Panoramic - "Harding's Funeral"4584LongConserLM08/31/19881BW4x5P
88-1602988-16045NASM Art Colln. - Christ - Janer, Albert4704BellNASM ArtMA09/02/198817BW4x5P
88-1602988-16045NASM Art Colln. - Christ - Janer, Albert4704BellNASM ArtMA09/02/198817CT4x5P
88-1604688-16073Spitfire, & Supermarine Racers, etc.88-1191, 4922Boyne, WilsonVa IMBMA08/25/198828BW4x5R
88-16081Maj. Francesco Baracca (Italian Ace)88-1190, 5037White, WilsonIN IMDMA08/25/19881BW4x5R
88-1608288-16084Sikorsky S-29A88-957, 5036Bond, WilsonCO IMDMA08/25/19883BW4x5R
88-16085Sikorsky S.29A: Motion Pictures "Hell's Angels"5036Bond, WilsonCO IMDDiv1BW4x5 files, 2 1/4x2 1/4P
88-1608688-16088Aerial Refueling, & Viola Gentry Crash88-908, 5035U. FL, WilsonIMDMA08/25/19883BW4x5R
88-16089Henri Farman, 190888-806, 5034Pat Lucci Studio, WilsonNY IMDMA08/25/19881BW4x5R
88-16093Wilbur Wright's letter to S.I. My 30, 18995088JakabAeroDiv1BW4x5R
88-1609488-16099Air Traffic Control88-604, 4803Mgmt Training Inc, WilsonKansas IMDMA08/11/19886BW4x5R
88-1610088-16116New NASM Restaurant[35mm & 120mm bw 88-15432-33]4541HaynesMA08/198817CS35mmP
88-1611788-16119Sports items whisk broom, jubilee program, etc.4547HughesCom LifeDP08/30/19883 rlsBW120mmP
88-1612088-16123Sports items whisk broom, jubilee program, etc.4547HughesCom LifeDP08/30/19884 rlsCT120mmP
88-16124SITES Contest Winner - Tropical Rainforest5162LangrallOPAEL09/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-16125Gary Harmon, Jazz Pianist4967LangrallOPARV09/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-16126Elizabeth Brennan Opers. Training4966LangrallOPARV09/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-16127Teddy Roosevelt Campain Objs.w/ Teddy BearCS 88-171484729FosterOPAJT08/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-16128Political Campaign objs for Presidents ShowCS 88-17146-47,494552RueOPAJT08/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-16129Edie Mayo, Curator, Pol. His. w/ campaign banners4965LangrallOPAJT09/08/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-16130Frank LLoyd Wright house from balcony of MAH5232MaxfieldOPALM09/07/19881 rlBW35mmP
88-1613188-16138Detail of fabrics - Women dresses & handkerchief4996WandermanPD & LRV09/19888BW4x5P
88-1613188-16138Detail of fabrics - Women dresses & handkerchief4996WandermanPD & LRV09/19888CT4x5P
88-1613188-16138Detail of fabricsCS?PD & LRVCS?
88-1613988-16143Source Print Colln. Lot 24; Basin: Shoshon4732ThomasNAAVEK08/19885BW4x5R
88-161448816169Source Print Colln. Lot 24: Apache5106ThomasNAAVEK09/198826BW4x5R
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