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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
89-819089-8197Fashion Illustrations & Ads2374FooteCostJS04/27/19898BW4x5RP.A. - Pub. Aff.
89-819889-8214Sea Orchin1075HansenSTRICCH12/198617CS35mmPPh. H - Photo. His.
89-8215Edward Sullivan, Asst Dir, Museum Shops2447LangrallOPARV05/02/19891 rlBW35mmP
89-8216STRI - Rare Insects1076HansenSTRICCH12/19861CS35mmP
89-821789-8222STRI- Birds Toucans and King Vultures1077HansenSTRICCH12/19866CS35mmP
89-8223Torch, SI Profile: Audrey Davis2171LangrallPAJT05/03/19891 rlBW35mmP
89-8224Torch, Reliable Source: N.H. Mach. Shop Guys2169LangrallPAJT05/19891 rlBW35mmP
89-822589-8228Torch, filming for PSA: Actor Pat Morita2167WiltshireOPAJT05/01/19894 rlsBW35mmP
89-8229Admission Ticket to Andrew Johnson's Impeachment, 18681545, 990Henderson, KellyPol. His. Exhib.1BW4x5R
89-8229Admission Ticket to Andrew Johnson's Impeachment, 18681545, 990Henderson, KellyPol. His. Exhib.JAG04/27/19891CS35mmP
89-8230Div. of Master Plan Record Shots2498CliffordS&CHDiv1 rlBW35mmP
89-823189-8236Cartoons by Charles Dana Gibson2455FooteCostJS04/28/19896BW4x5R
89-8237Meridian House: Discussion of East Asia1408TaylorRAPLM04/25/19891 rlBW35mmP
89-8238C&G Offsite / Mack Truck Move2359CliffordS&CH1 rlBW35mmP
89-823989-8240Farewell Luncheon: Tom Wolf1922BauerOSERWS04/28/19892 rlsBW35mmP
89-824189-8242Savoia-Marchetti SM.79 & Formation Flying2581GernsteinAeroCR05/05/19892BW4x5R
89-824389-8245Burnelli UB-142582SheenA&S MagCR05/05/19893BW4x5R
89-824689-8250Textron - Lycoming Engine Presentation1190Rose-BargeNASMMA03/14/19895 rlsBW120mmP
89-825189-8253Reception: "The Rights of Man"1606AndersonOSERWS05/02/19893 rlsBW35mmP
89-8254Family Group on Porch Cat. #77.72.12465BabbidgePh HisJS05/03/19891BW8x10R
89-825589-8259S.E. Asian New Year Celebration1561RobinsonOERV04/15/19895 rlsBW35mmP
89-8260Ad. Holeproof Hosiery, Life, c. 19202295FooteCost1BW4x5R
89-826189-8274Tintype Repros2587BabbidgePh HDiv04/198914BW4x5R
89-827589-8278Models - Burnelli Flying Wing Transport & LoadmasterCT available for 8275, 8276, 82772552SheenAsp MagMA04/25/19894, 3BW, CT4x5P
89-827989-8282STRI: Bush Dogs1078HansenSTRICCH12/19864CS35mmP
89-828389-8299STRI: Variety of Underworld CU Photos1995HansenSTRICCH03/198717CS35mmP
89-830089-8332STRI: BCI Jungle from Tower1996HansenSTRICCH03/198733CS35mmP
89-8333VIP Tour, Enid A Haupt2477BucklerOHRV04/26/19891 rlBW35mmP
89-833489-8335Jennie June Croly & Logo Gen. Fed...2420AlperinPol HisJS05/04/19892BW4x5R
89-833689-8338BAE Annual Report #21 Plates V, XLII, & XXXVII89-551, 2366Lawson, ThomasVA NAAJS05/04/19893BW4x5R
89-833989-8340Queen Ida & the Bon Temps Zydeco Band2450TaylorRAPRV05/04/19892 rlsBW35mmP
89-8341"Violence & Resistance in the Americas:..."1978BennettConfer SerRV05/05/19891 rlBW35mmP
89-8342Bristol's Coordinated Control System2413BennettEng & IndRS05/05/19891BW4x5R
89-834389-8346Announcement of Agreement w/ the Museum of Amer. Indian2486LoganOPALM05/08/19894 rlsBW35mmP
89-8347Declaration of Independence from France at A&I2625St. ThomasOPARWS05/08/19891 rlBW35mmP
89-8348Jeffrey & Diane Tobin w/ will, SI Beneficiary2467LangrallPARV05/09/19891 rlBW35mmP
89-834989-8356Baltimore PorcelainBW to come2325MyersC&GLM04/19898CS35mmP
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