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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
95-2503Norcross Coll. #58, antique card, 18831220SimmonsACLG03/30/19951CT4x5R
95-250495-2507pages from "Music & Fun for Everyone" DeVincent Collection1221HardingACET03/27/19954BW4x5R
95-2508Moholy-Nagy photogram1080CarterPhoto HLG03/30/19951CT4x5R
95-2509A&I Bldg.: International Gallery "Benedict Wrensted: An Idaho Photographer in Focus"1229Int GalleryHaggertyRWS03/19951 rlBW35mmP
95-2510A&I Bldg.: International Gallery "Benedict Wrensted: An Idaho Photographer in Focus"1229Int GalleryHaggertyRWS03/19951CS35mmP
95-2511NBC Today Show: Kite Festival on Mall - Willard Scott1042IsbellTSAEL03/23/19951 rlBW35mmP
95-251295-2521NBC Today Show: Kite Festival on Mall - Willard Scott1042IsbellTSAEL03/23/199510CS35mmP
95-252295-2525Louis P. West Colln.1261GeraciNPMET03/29/19954BW4x5R
95-252695-2527Chinese Teal & Summer duck1103ShawSILLG03/30/19952CT4x5R
95-252695-2627Chinese Teal & Summer duck95-216, 1103Shurtleff, ShawCA, SILLG03/3019952CS35mmR
95-252895-2529Derek McGinty & Derrick Bell Interview1153IsbellTSARWS03/29/19952 rlsBW35mmP
95-253095-26101995 - Folkmasters from the Barns at Wolftrap(CS 95-7665-7988)0931, 0944KnoussOfc of TelRWS, RV, JT, NP81 rlsBW35mmP
95-2611Logo proposed for Nat'l Mus. of E&I 19251308SteedSIAET03/19951BW4x5R
95-261795-2618Two Saddles and Intrenching Tool Carrier5699HutchinsAFHEL04/19952 rlsBW120mmP
95-261995-2622Two Saddles and Intrenching Tool Carrier5699HutchinsAFHEL04/19954 rlsCT120mmP
95-2623WWIC: EES Conf/State/Bosnian Federation1024ElyWWICRWS03/31/19951 rlBW35mmP
95-262495-26251994 Executive Portraits(Also see 94-12918-12923 & 95-2500 & 95-1610-16115541WallaceOPPSRWS03/19952 rlsBW35mmP
95-262695-2630Graphic Art images1224WrightGAHT04/03/19955BW4x5R
95-2631The American Festival Catalog cartoon1300BursteinE & IHT04/03/19951BW4x5R
95-263295-2647Parlor to Politics Exhibit objects1294MeringoloSoc HisLG12/1994, 01/199516CT4x5R
95-264895-2651Carlos de la Torre, J.B. Henderson, William Stimpson, A.G. Desmerest1285GlennOSIAHT04/04/19954BW4x5R
95-2652Joseph Ch. Zima - Amer. Wood Carvers1279OrrACHT04/04/19951BW4x5R
95-26531st Human Total Hip Replacement1277AllisonTech & SocietyHT04/04/19951BW4x5R
95-265495-2656Suffragist Newspaper: Sept. 5, 1914, Jan. 16, 1915, Sept. 15, 19171228MayoSocial History04/04/19953BW4x5R
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