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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
98-10002Matriushka Dolls1550Alex YiProduct & Dev, LicJS02/19981CT4x5P, R
98-1000398-10013Fish For Symphonics Project1014Susan JewettFishes, VZJS02/199811CS35mmP, R
98-1001498-10015Fish For Symphonics Project1027Carol BaldwinFishes, VZJS02/19982CS35mmP, R
98-1001698-10020Artifacts For Symphonics Project1028Bob PurdyPaleobiologyJS02/19985CS35mmP, R
98-1002198-10022Entomology Collection Staff1515Sally LoveExhibitsDennis Johnson02/19982CS35mmP, R
98-1002398-10040Photographs of Jamaica1024V. ThomasAnthro, NAAJS03/199818BW4x5R
98-1004198-10044MS 4455 Photographs Relating to Wyoming Archeology1003V. ThomasAnthropologyVK03/19984BW4x5R
98-1004598-10046MS 4335 Pictographs of Torey Lake Area1003V. ThomasAnthropologyVK03/19982BW4x5R
98-10047Photo Lot 35 - Photograph - Indians1003V. ThomasAnthropologyVK03/19981BW4x5R
98-10048USNM: Cuba: 042426.00 - Militiamen1075L. LargoAnthropologyVK03/19981BW4x5R
98-10049Wreck of the Main-Havana - C. E. Doty Collection1076L. LargoAnthropologyVK03/19981BW4x5R
98-1005098-10052Photo Lot 107 Box 3 Phillipine Ethnology1092V. ThomasAnthropologyVK03/19983BW4x5R
98-1005398-10089John Joseph Honigmann Coln.1004
98-1009098-10094Manuscript Pages from Manuscript #1880 Truman Michelson1052V. ThomasNAAVK04/19985BW4x5R
98-1009598-10097Manuscript - Box 66 File 759 Philippines1065V. ThomasNAAVK04/19983BW4x5R
98-10098Territorial / Survey Photo #132 (147) "Nee-Chi-Qua-Ra"1051V. ThomasNAAVK04/19981BW4x5R
98-10099Interior Joseph Henry Cabin #45558 Manuscript Box 5A1099V. ThomasNAAVK04/19981BW4x5R
98-1010098-10101Red River Carts (90-1 #1112) - H Door Crow Indian (90-1 #1203)1100P. FlemingNAAVK04/19982BW4x5R
98-1010298-10108Photos Fr. Wm. Duncan Strong Papers (Site Photos)1099V. ThomasNAAVK04/19986BW4x5R
98-1010998-10114Photos From Frank M. Satzher Colln Photo Lot 361029V. ThomasNAAVK04/19986BW4x5R
98-10115Polychrome Drawing Transcript #473/vol 31093V. ThomasNAAVK04/19984CT4x5R
98-1011698-10117George E. Simpson Colln. Arthur Bethumeoriginal - glass slide1131V. ThomasNAAVK04/19982BWN4x5R
98-1011698-10117George E. Simpson Colln. Arthur Bethumeoriginal - glass slide1131V. ThomasNAAVK04/19982BWS2x2R
98-1011898-10129Manuscript #2158 By W. E. Meyer - Photos of Split Rock and Big Sioux River1124V. ThomasNAAJS04/199812CS2x2R
98-1013098-10137Cycladic Figure Various Views1011Van BeekAnthroVK05/1998
98-1013898-10140Copies of Frescoes At Chichen Itz By Adela Breton1112V. ThomasNAAJS05/19983CS2x2R
98-1013898-10140Copies of Frescoes At Chichen Itz By Adela Breton1112V. ThomasNAAJS05/19983CT4x5R
98-1014198-10142Arctic: Aleut Box #1.6 - G. Tzareff; Badarka1059V. ThomasNAADH05/19982BW4x5R
98-1014398-10164Africa Colllection Photographs of Women1165V. ThomasNAAJS06/199822BW4x5R
98-1016598-10170Henry B. Collins Box 112 & 1131060V. ThomasNAASH06/19986BW4x5R
98-1017198-10173William D. Strong Box 631152V. ThomasNAASH06/19983BW4x5R
98-1017498-10193Photographs of African Women1197V. ThomasNAAJS06/199820BW4x5R
98-1019498-10202Nat'l Conqress of American Indians1175V. ThomasNAAJS06/19989BW4x5R
98-1020398-10209Philippine Photographs1198V. ThomasNAAJS06/18/19987BW4x5R
98-1021098-10211Mandible Pomatodelphis Inaequalis1508BohaskaPaleoVK01/19982BW4x5R
98-1021298-10213Manuscript - Box 22 & Box 36 / American Ind. Draw.1206V. ThomasAnthroSH06/15/19982BW4x5R
98-1021498-10217Coon Collection Photographs - Box 138 Ainu1252V. ThomasAnthroVK07/29/19984BW4x5R
98-10218Photo Lot 78-46 Pkuknokwe - Photo Portrait1254V. ThomasAnthroVK07/15/19981BW4x5R
98-1021998-10227Seminar Identification in Mass Disasters1240V. ThomasAnthroVK07/14/19989BW4x5R
98-1022898-10273South America VenzulaV. ThomasAnthroDH08/1998BW4x5
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