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Neg. # (Start)Neg. # (Stop)DescriptionRestrictionsDescription NotesWork Order #RequesterDepartmentPhotogDateAmountFilm TypeFilm SizePhoto/ReproAdditional Info
99-289699-2898Engineering Collections0608BaxterDLTM09/20/19993CT120
99-2899Engineering Collections0608BaxterDLTM09/20/19991CS
99-2900ND/Macedonia1217ElyWCARH09/16/19991 rollCN35mm
99-290199-2902Child's Patriotic Dress 1865 & 18761309HendersonRWS09/19992BW120P
99-290399-2905Child's Patriotic Dress 1865 & 18761309HendersonRWS09/19993CT120P
99-290699-2913Child's Patriotic Dress 1865 & 18761309HendersonRWS09/19998CS35mm
99-2907Portrait of Ivan Selin, Pres. of1186CorderaCap. CampaignET09/19991CT120
99-290899-2909Portrait of Pete Daniel, Curator of AgricultureJT09/10/19992CT120
99-291099-29134 Panels from Sweatshop Exhibit MAH1205LiebholdMAHRWS09/19994CS35mmP
99-291499-2915National Roll Out Book: Status & Trends of Nations Biological Resources1321AlbertsInst. for Conservation BiologyRWS09/17/19992CN35mmP
99-291699-2931Star Spangled Banner Exhibit0973AberODPSPTM09/23/199916CS35mm
99-293299-2942Panama Canal0959BaxterDLLG09/27/199911CT4x5
99-2943WC [[Wilson Center]] Director's Luncheon1219ElyWCARH09/21/19991 rollCN35mm
99-2944AP Conf. - Asian Economic Crisis1353ElyWCARH09/22/19991 rollCN35mm
99-2945WC [[Wilson Center]] Director's Forum - Valenti & McPherson1220ElyWCARH09/23/19991 rollCN35mm
99-294699-2948Mickey Mouse Patents1301DeGrace09/29/1999CS35mm
99-294999-2961Groundbreaking Events for NMAI: Site and Castle1323LevchukNMAIRWS09/28/199913 rollsCN35mm
99-296299-2972Groundbreaking Events for NMAI: Site and Castle1323LevchukNMAIJT09/28/199911 rollsCN35mm
99-297399-2979Groundbreaking Events for NMAI: Site and Castle1323LevchukNMAIET09/28/19997 rollsCN35mm
99-298099-2982Groundbreaking Events for NMAI: Site and Castle1323LevchukNMAIT. Scott Williams09/28/19993 rollsCN35mm
99-298399-2985Groundbreaking Events for NMAI: Site and Castle1323LevchukNMAIEric Long09/28/19993 rollsCN35mm
99-2986Groundbreaking Events for NMAI: Site and Castle1323LevchukNMAIMark Avino09/28/19991 rollCN35mm
99-298799-2989Star Spangled Banner Family Weekend NMAH1191ForbesNMAHT. Scott Williams09/19993 rollsCN35mm
99-2990Women at Work [[?]]Hist of TechNMAHP. Liebhold10/7/19991BW4x5
99-2991French Fan, Edward Achille Luce (front view)1203GraddyNMAHRWS10/19991CT4x5
99-2992French Fan, Edward Achille Luce (rear view)1203GraddyNMAHRWS10/19991CT4x5
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