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for more. I wore my "Jap" costume that I had for the fan drill last year. I wore a large blood red sash around my waist. My mask was of cream muslin, with eyes fixed as near as possible like a Jap. I wore my hair in Jap style with usual little fans stuck in it here and there. I had a very nice time we played "Bingo," "All round the Army," and several other silly things. It was long past midnight when we retired. How silly I acted that night. And I think every body else acted just as silly.
The next Saturday night the B.Y.P.U. social met [[strikethrough]] Saturday [[/strikethrough]] Friday night. Harv and Miss Primrose made a perfect picture trying to recite. She is the Elocution teacher too.
The faculty had a great time about note writing The first of April. They, that is some girls and boys, wrote notes to each other, which was strictly against the rules. They had considerable trouble about that about the first of Feb. The same girls who promised not to do it again broke the rules again by the same offense. Prof. Bailey lectured the students good and put the guilty ones under restriction, and some of the them are not out yet. The first of April. A lot us girls went to gather flowers.
Easter was a lovely day but we did not have an egg for breakfast neither did they have any [[insertion]] special [[/insertion]] Easter
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services in any of the churches.
I study Christian Evidence now and it is so very interesting. I like all my studies. Logic, Astronomy, Botany, Evidence, French and Art. I like art best of all. I finished my drawing in two weeks and went into crayon. I finished my first crayon picture [[strikethrough]] after [[/strikethrough]] three weeks after I began drawing.
Nothing happened to amount to much except the same old thing every day. O, yes the factory whites and negroes got into a row the night of April first and two negroes were killed. It caused no little excitement for a while especially among the blacks, but it soon died away.
I finished my graduating thesis and handed it in April 1st. Subject is Childhood, Girlhood,  Womanhood. The 15 April in the P.M. Prof. Bailey took the girls out walking to the quarry. We had supper out there and every one of us has a fine time. I did some sketching that evening but I have lost it.
The next day (Sat) the Botany class was taken out for a picnic.  Prof. [[insertion]] & Mrs. [[/insertion]] Anderson entertained us very nicely that day and we had a splendid time. But it did not get as much information as I expected. There was [[underline]] only one [[/underline]] girl besides me. That was Lillian Anderson. She would stick in the shed (built for dancing) all the time talking to Ben Mays and Mr. Lynch. It worried me to think people are so foolish. It is no wonder Prof. B. gives so many lectures. The students seem to think they are here to have a good time. That day I thought -(as nature was doing her best to teach us)- Those people were blind to the
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