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Trinidad 39.

[[margin]] XII-28-35 [[/margin]] Out to River Estate again to work in a pasture.
[[underlined]] Station 110. [[/underlined]]
Same as Sta. 109. In raw dung took series of several species of Staphs at least three Scarabs (Caprinae), Histerids, etc. 
Also rode on as far as North Past and Blue Basin, but could find no cocoa pads. On this estate they are buried soon after cutting. In the afternoon worked on the index to Volume II of this journal. After tea worked on stamps with Ruth. Also tried to get my machete sharpened, but forgot that it's Saturday afternoon. Took my boat to be repaired, - from accident a week ago.

[[margin]] XII-29-35 [[/margin]] Sunday. Don't really deserve a vacation, but took one anyway. The weather was threatening and cloudy, and very windy in the afternoon. We were disappointed with lunch and dinner today. They were not up to the former standard. I am supposed to have limeade with each meal, but I seldom get it without asking, and perhaps then am told there are no limes today. In the afternoon I rode over to see if the Victoria Institute was open. Found that the hours are 9 to 4 on weekdays and 9 to 12 on Saturdays. We'll have to try again on a week-day. Worked on stamps.
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[[margin]] XII-30-35 [[/margin]] In the morning went to town to get photos, a map of Tobago, etc. The bank reports that our check has not been paid as yet. Went to see Capt. Sharp at the Constabulary to see if he would extend my 1935 driver's permit for six days. He said he had no authority, and referred me to Lieutenant-Colonel Wilson of the Constabulary. Col. Wilson in turn declined the favor and referred me to the Colonial Secretary. In the absence of that official I went to the Deputy. After some discussion he concluded the law would not allow an extension, but suggested that I just continue to drive and refer any officers to him. It was the logical way out, but I had been afraid there would be too much conscience. Went out to see Pound at the Dept. of Agriculture. Will go out with him tomorrow. Also saw Urich at the bat laboratory. He promises to take me out to collect termite guisto next weekend and to give me some specimens he has taken before. Took my machete to a foundry to have it ground down. The shop foreman said he couldn't do it, but it developed that he meant to [[underline]] cut [[/underline]] off the unnecessary part. I insisted that he [[underline]] grind [[/underline]] it and he agreed to do it for 60 cents.