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Trinidad 41

[[margin]] XII-31-35 [[/margin]] Pound came by for me at 8:00 and we started for Moruga on the southern coast. The route was Port of Spain, St. Joseph, Couva, Princes Town, and Basse Terre. On a shortcut around San Fernando we passed through the refinery and saw what is reputed to be the "largest-in-the-world" cracking plant. Our destination was an estate belonging to a Mr. Herrera. While Pound and Herrera were looking at cocoa trees I did some good collecting in spite of almost continual light rain.

[[underline]] Station 111 [[/underline]]
Herrera estate near Basse Terre on road from Princes Town to Moruga. In rotting cocoa pads I found several species of [[insertion]] (25) [[/insertion]] Staph, including among others a [[underline]] Philonthus [[/underline]] and a [[underline]] Brachydirus [[/underline]]; also several Histerids, Nitidulids, and a Calitys; also several ants and a Forficulid.

[[underline]] Station 112 [[/underline]]
Same as Sta. 111. Under bark of and in rotten wood of fallen Immortelle logs. Several specimens of [[margin]] A [[/margin]] a small Staph [[insertion]] (2) [[/insertion]] and several larvae under bark. 
[[margin]] B [[/margin]] In rotten wood several [[underline]] Passalus [[/underline]], two Tailless Whip-Scorpions, a myriapod, etc.; and beneath the log a slender gray lizard, rather sluggish at first but later quite agile.
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[[underline]] Station 113. [[/underline]]
Same as Sta. 111. In fungus found two weevils, two small beetles, and a Lampyrid (merely resting on a fungus-covered log). Lack of time prevented a careful search of the fungi.

[[underline]] Station 114. [[/underline]]
Same as Sta. 111. One Brenthid flying in rain. 
[[margin]] (?) [[/margin]] This is the first one I've taken on this trip. Near the stables we passed a spot on the hillside where (either oil or) pitch is oozing from the ground. It has been leased to one of the oil companies, who plan to drill there soon. We had lunch with the Herreras,- Mr. and Mrs. and three daughters. We then rode along the road to Moruga to inspect some banana groves. Found no collecting. Returned to the house for tea before starting home. This estate is on the top of a ridge adjoining the so-called Southern Range. The latter is indistinguishable from the surrounding hills and ridges.

[[underline]] Station 115. [[/underline]]
The road between St. Joseph and Port of Spain. Three species of Staph [[insertion]] (8) [[/insertion]], including a [[underline]] Philonthus [[/underline]] and a Tachyporinae, besides several other beetles, flying into the car. On the way home Pound told me of the bad