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Trinidad 43 (44 on page 14) 
Tobago 1.

hurricane which struck the southern part of the island in 1933. It blew down all the trees, ^[[and]] all the cocoa and banana except in sheltered valleys. It was the first hurricane here in eighty years. The island is generally said to be outside the hurricane area. 
Arrived home about 5 P.M. and went immediately to make arrangements to go to Tobago. The boat was the S.S. Trinidad and I talked to the First Officer. He said I could bring the motor aboard at eight o'clock,; there were few passengers. So at eight P.M., after an early dinner, I went aboard and we pushed the motor up the gangplank onto the deck, where it was securely tied. The boat sailed at 9 P.M. I stayed on deck long enough to see us pass the Five Islands, Diego Islands, Gasparee and Monas Islands and enter the Caribbean.
[[margin]] I-1-36 [[/margin]] New Year's Day. Arrived at Tobago at seven A.M. and got ashore by boat right away. The town is Scarborough; I didn't see any stores, and the population is said to be 773. Paid $10.00 for the round-trip passage, and $4.50 for the motorcycle.
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Got started along the Windward Road at 8:00- along the southeast coast. The island is about 25 miles long and 7 miles wide. The coast line is very irregular and the whole island hilly.

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My route for the day was Scarborough to Roxborough and Speyside on the Windward Road, return same way in the morning, then to Milford Bay, Canaan, Plymouth, and back to Scarborough in the afternoon. Found everything rather similar to Trinidadd but more small-townish. First stop

[[underline]] Station 116. [[/underline]]
[[strikethrough]] Fungus on a s [[/strikethrough]] Nine miles northeast of Scarborough, Tobago, on the Windward Road, vicinity of village 
[[margin]] A [[/margin]] of Pembroke. Fungus on a small log by the roadside yielded 4 Staphs of 2 species and 2 ants. A
[[margin]] B [[/margin]] small pile of freshly cut cocoa pods yielded a few [[insertion]] 11 [[/insertion]] nice Staphs (especially [[underline]] Philonthus [[/underline]]), and some Nitidulids.

[[underline]] Station 117. [[/underline]]
13 1/2 miles northeast of Scarborough on the Windward Road, between Pembroke and Roxborough.
[[margin]]A[[/margin]] Worked cattle dung for quite a while, getting [[insertion]] 24 [[/insertion]] Staphs, Sphaeridinae, and Coprinae (small). 
[[margin]] B [[/margin]] Fungus on a very rotten log had a nice series of a distinct [[insertion]] (11) [[/insertion]] Staph. The log itself yielded nothing. The road is unpaved most of the way and rather rough near the end. I stopped on the bluff overlooking Speyside to take a picture that includes Little Tobago, and islet about 1 mile by 1/4 mile, across the entrance to the bay. (Exposure 1/100 & 22).