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Tobago 3.

On to this island have been introduced Birds of Paradise from New Guinea.

[[underline]] Station 118. [[/underline]]
23 miles northeast of Scarborough on the Windward Road; Speyside or Pigeon Hill. Took one Elaterid flying.
Returned by the same route and stopped in Roxborough at the Post Office. Intended to try to get a set of Jubilee stamps after the dead line, [[strikethrough]] t [[/strikethrough]] just for the fun of it, but since it was a holiday, it was no sale.

[[underline]] Station 119. [[/underline]]
1 mile west of Roxborough on the Windward Road. Under stones along edge of the Argyle River found two species of Carabids, one Hydrophilid, and 2 or 3 species of Staphs. [[insertion]] (5) [[/insertion]]
As time was getting short I had to get on and didn't stop again till after I passed Scarborough. Got "motor essence" there and went on around the bay. The beaches I passed in the morning were washed clean and nothing could be found there. But now in this bay were several places where there was a hole in the coral reef and a very large amount of seaweed was washed up on fine wide beaches.

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[[underline]] Station 120. [[/underline]]
3 miles ^[[insertion]] south [[/insertion]] west of Scarborough along the seashore. Under seaweed took two species of Staphs,
[[margin]] [[underlined]] 49 Staphs [[/underlined]] [[/margin]] one is a [[underline]] Cafius, [[/underline]] the best series I've taken anywhere. 
Then continued westward across the tip of the island to Milford Bay. This [[strikethrough]] e [[/strikethrough]] area is mostly in cocoa-nuts and much drier than the eastern part. Found nothing. Ate lunch, and then returned past Canaan and turned to the left on the road to Plymouth.

[[underline]] Station 121. [[/underline]]
3/4 mile [[strikethrough]] east [[/strikethrough]] north of junction of Canaan road with the road to Plymouth. Under horse manure found only 3 small Coprinae.
This area is all in cocoanuts and the beaches are swept bare. Found no other place to collect till I neared Plymouth and turned off [[strikethrough]] on [[/strikethrough]] to the east on the Scarborough road.
[[underline]] Station 122. [[/underline]]
2 miles south-east of Plymouth, or about 3 miles northwest of Scarborough. In horse manure on the road found one Staph and one Sphaeridiinae. There is some cocoa here but I found very few pods and these yielded nothing. Took a photo looking through a bamboo clump. (Exp. 1/50 & 7). Continued to Scarborough, but

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