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Tobago 5.

doubled back along the coast road to visit
[[underline]]Station 123.[[/underline]]
Depart. of Agriculture Stock Farm, 2 miles west of Scarborough. In cattle and horse dung found several Aphrodinae, many Sphaeridinae, and a fine series of Staphs, including [[underline]]Philonthus, [[/underline]] Paederinae, Onytelinae, Aleocharinae, and Xantholininae.
A large crowd was watching some races near by, but I returned to the pier at 4:30 to be sure to be on time. This time it was the S.S. Tobago (Trinidad Government Steamer). There were two cars to go aboard and I waited for them to be loaded. The first one started at 5:30. They lifted it with a small hand crane and put it in (or rather on) a lighter so small that only the front end would go down, and the rear wheels rested on the gunwhales! It was pretty slow but they made it allright, and finally took the motor about 6:30. I went with it and helped get it in place on the deck. Then I went to see the steward. Found I had gotten the last berth on the boat. Ordered some tea and drank about a quart of water, the first drop since I left the house last night. Ate my sandwiches, etc. with the tea, and left quite full. I sat down in the dining room

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[[preprinted]] 11 [[/preprinted]]
to write up my notes, but was interrupted by the sound of a radio broadcasting a football game. I then remembered it was New Year's Day and this must be the Rose Bowl game. I went on deck and was able to catch "Stanford" from the announcer. I asked the waiter to ask if I could go on the bridge to listen, and sent up my name and title. The captain said "Yes," so I went up. He was a very nice young Englishman, but not particularly interested in the game. It was Stanford vs. Southern Methodist from Dallas, Texas. I heard the third & fourth quarters. The final score was Stanford 7, S.M.U. 0, but Stanford was on S.M.U.'s one yard line with three downs to go! They had pushed SMU back from near the center of the field and got the ball on downs on the 2 yard line! The announcer said that both Bobby Grayson and Monk Mascrip had gotten All American. The captain pointed out a beetle on the ceiling of the bridge, and I got it.

[[underline]] Station 129. [[/underline]]
On board the S.S. Tobago, off Scarborough, Tobago. One Oedemerid flying. The captain invited me to wait and hear the

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