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news, and then just as I was leaving, the bridge was invaded by Mr. and Mrs. Seymour (the Colonial Secretary), Mr. and Mrs. Beard (head of the Harbour Development Project), and Col. Maurogordato (Inspector-General of Constabulary), who were returning to Trinidad and were evidently very friendly with the captain. I was introduced, and explained my business and why I was dressed so roughly. I later stood on deck till we cleared the harbour, and then turned in, to find my roommate, - a negro,- sound asleep. The following information concerning Tobago is from the Guide to the West Indies. The island is about 20 miles northeast of Trinidad and 75 miles southeast of Grenada. It is 26 miles long and 7 1/2 miles wide at most, with area of 114 square miles. Its geological formation is the same as that of the northern range of Trinidad. A main ridge of hills, 18 miles in length, runs down the center of the northern portion, culminating near Speyside, at an elevation of 1900 to 2000 feet. The central portion is undulating, with little valleys and conical hills, and the south end is quite flat. Scarborough (population 773) is the capital. History: Tobago has changed

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hands more often than any other island in the West Indies. It belonged successively to the Spanish- 1498, British- 1616, Dutch- 1632, Indians (Caribs), British- 1642 and Dutch 1654, Dutch- 1658, British- 1666, French- 1667, Dutch- 1667, British- 1672, Dutch- 1674, French -1677, British- 1682, neutral- 1748, British- 1762, French- 1781, British- 1793, French- 1802, British 1803-1935. Since 1899 it has been a Ward of the united colony of Trinidad and Tobago. The islet of Little Tobago is 1 1/2 miles from the north-eastern end of Tobago, off the village of Speyside. Birds of Paradise were introduced into it in 1909 from Dutch New Guinea, and the island was presented to the government as a sanctuary in 1929.
I have been told by several people that the fauna of Tobago differs from that of Trinidad only by omissions, -no distinct species are known from there. The [[underline]] Cafius [[/underline]] I found certainly appeared much lighter in colour than those from the other islands. Will see later whether it's the same on all or not.

It is interesting to note that Prof. Urich's idea is just the opposite. Tobago is quite distinct, and is also related to Grenada faunally.