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[[preprinted]] 14 [[/preprinted]]
Tobago 9, final.
Trinidad 44.

[[image- hand-drawn map of Tobago including main roads and towns]]

[[margin]] I-2-36 [[/margin]] The boat docked at 6:30, but I had to wait till 7:00 for them to start unloading. They took the motor off first, and I was ready and rode off at once. They hadn't emptied the gas. Got home at 7:45 and had a bath before breakfast. I slept fairly well last night but I'm pretty tired anyway. My shoulder blades are quite sore from the knapsack straps, which I carried for the first time on the motor. Spent the morning and afternoon on notes, etc. and on stamps with Ruth. We're getting the big bunch nearly done. In the evening went to movie to see "The Dragon Murder Case."

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[[margin]] I-3-36 [[/margin]]
Our First Wedding Anniversary. Last night Ruth gave me an anniversary gift, -a pair of little cut-class knife holders to use as paper weights. I had admired them in Guadeloupe. Today was rainy and I was still too stiff and sore to feel like going out collecting on such a day. Worked on notes and stamps. Went to the bank to see if my check has come, but it hasn't. There's another plane tonight. It's about our last chance. We're very nearly broke, besides owing 75 dollars on our board and room.

[[margin]] I-4-36 [[/margin]] At 8 A.M. Prof. Urich came by for me and we started out to collect termite guests. We went along the Eastern Main Road, and stopped first near Arima.

[[underline]] Station 124. [[/underline]]
About one mile west of Arima along the Eastern Main Road. In a nest of [[underline]] Nasutitermes [[/underline]] sp. found 
[[margin]] T.I. (Termites) [[/margin]] two species of Staphs, ^[[9]] one very tiny white, the other black, about 4 mm. long, but both with the abdomen curved upwards over the body. Found several of the former, but only one of the latter. Also took the queen and soldiers. Some white coleopterous larvae were taken, and a myriapod also.