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Vowels and Diphthongs
i  I is absent
i is nasalized when in proximity to nasals
i is never diphthongized
i is sometimes lengthened at the end of a phrase for emphasis:
we ting una tink se a si:\ = what thing you think that I saw or see.
e is practically cardinal & a pure vowel 
ɛ is substituted sometimes for e - tɛk, mɛk, sɛk(sake)-
fɒ seka = for the sake of.  eg = Egg
(furobe = Fornah Bay)       f'ɒlěg = fowl's egg
be₁mbe₂ = a [[insert]] ^ hand [[/insert]] fishing net.  note swɛ'lǎ = to swallow  

ɛ as in Eng. gɛ = get, but gɛt am = [[strikethrough]] get [[/strikethrough]] has it or them or to belong to. (na mi get am = It is mine) 
na Tɒm gɛ di at = It is [[insert]] ^ naim=them [[/insert]] Tom [[insert]] ^ [that] [[/insert]] has the hat
na im = it is he

æ is absent, but of h[[tilde æ]] or [[tilde æ]] = is it not?

a practically cardinal. a is long in exclamation a:, father. (fáyă = fire)

na [[strikethrough]] im [[/strikethrough]] păm [[strikethrough]](an)[[/strikethrough]] = it is the palm of the hand. come=kăm
top=tap - pantap=on; stop=tap

ɒ serves for ɔ & British ɒ. K[[i?]]ˠɒ₂k[[superscript ɒ?]]ɒ₂ = a disease of the skin - skin with bile
(di os pan tap = the top of the house)

o is cardinal - & never dipthonged go, dollar)
do₂do₂ = an enlarged navel

ʊ is absent

u is practically cardinal. pupu [_-] = excrement
úmăn = woman

ʌ & ɜ are absent


[[three columns]]
[[start first column]]
ia = hair 
bia₂bia₁ = beard 
tʃia = chair 
pia = pear
kias = cask
kian = can
kĭãwúd = canewood
[[end first column]]
[[start second column]]
yai = eye 
dai = die
skai = sky
au = how
[[strikethrough]] pau [[/strikethrough]] pawa = power
os = house
daut = doubt
kautʃ = couch
[[end second column]]
[[start third column]]
bɒi = boy
tɒis = toys = singular & plural
dʒɒi = joy
uɛ in buɛl = boil
puɛl = spore
[[end third column]]

Transcription Notes:
Formah Bay or Fornah Bay?

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