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Derivatives of a lang: (1) morphological processes, (2) parts of speech

[[strikethrough]] [[Items?]] [[/strikethrough]]
I How morphological processes function

[[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] Affixation - How does this affect
(a) stress
(b) juncture

[[circled]] 2 [[/circled]] Internal change
vocalic - feed-food [[insert]] absent in Creole [[strikethrough]] eat [[/strikethrough]] it = food [[/insert]], sing-song, shoot-shot, bite-bit, fill-full, heal-hole. 
Consonantal - calf-calve, sheath-sheathe, advice-advise, rent-rend.
Combined with vocalic change - grass-graze, breath-breathe
Accentual - impòrt (n), impórt (vb), tránsfèr (n), trànsfér (vb)
Combined with vocalic change - cóndùct (n), condúct (vb), fréquent (adj), frequént (vb). 
Note accentual change combined with affixation in history, histórian, prófit-pròfitéer, élement-èleméntary, húman-humánity. 
note also changes [[insert]] involving [[underlined]] th [[/underlined]][[/insert]] in [[underlined]] wide [[/underlined]]-width, long [[insert]] láŋgǎ=long [[/insert]]-length, [[insert]] absent in Creole [[/insert]] steal, stealth.

[[left margin]] laŋga-laŋga=snake used in speaking to children at night about snakes. The usual word is snɛk. [[/left margin]]

[[circled]] 3 [[/circled]] Zero modification: of [[underlined]] my back - a back vowel - back up - go back [[/underlined]] 

II Parts of speech

[[circled]] 1 [[/circled]] Paradigms in which one member is clearly the underlying word: [[strikethrough]] man (n) [[/strikethrough]] king (n) - kingdom; child (n) children; man (n) unman; beauty (n.) beautify; red (adj) redness, long-length; ride (vb) rider, grow-growth; up (adv) uppish, upward. 
[[circled]] 2 [[/circled]] Paradigms in which the underlying word is not morphologically marked. [[underlined]] Iron [[/underlined]] is heavy, [[underlined]] iron [[/underlined]] bar, success-succeed; tiny-teeny; hole-heal, [[underlined]] fast [[/underlined]] (vb), [[underlined]] fast [[/underlined]] (n)
[[circled]] 3 [[/circled]] Paradigms consisting of primary formations (a primary formation is a derivative whose base is a bound morpheme; the prefixes [[underlined]] con-, ex, in, pre- [[/underlined]] in contend, extend, intend, pretend act as primary affixes.): 
perception-conception, nation-native, stupor-stupid, famine-famish, civil-civic, regular-regulate, persuade-dissuade. 
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