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Incipit Arithmeticha boetii
[image - Illuminated large block letter "I" embellished with flowers, birds and symbols in blue and red inks]]
In dandis accipiendisque muneribus ita recte officia inter eos praecipue qui sese magni faciunt extimantur. Si aliquido constabit: nec ab hoc aliquid quidem liberalius affert. Et inventum ecce: nec ab illo unquam quidem iocundius: benevolentia conplecteretur acceptum. Ipse considerans. attuli non ignava opum pondera quibus ad facinus nihil est instructius. cum habendi sitis incanduit. ad meritum nihil utilius: cum ea sibi victor animus calcata subiecit. Sed ea que ex grecarum litterarum opulentia in romane orationis thesaurum sumpta conveximus. Ita enim mei quoque mihi operis ratio constabit si que ex sapientie doctrinis elicui sapientissimi iudicio comprobentur. Vides igitur ut tam magni laboris effectus tuum tantum expectet examen nec in aures prodire publicas nisi tue perfecte sententie astipulatione nitatur. In quo nihil mirum videri debet. cum id opus quod sapientie inventa prosequitur non auctoris: sed alieno incumbit arbitrio. Suis quippe instrumentis res rationis extenditur: cum iudicium cogitur subire prudentis. Sed

Transcription Notes:
I took out the brackets, since the manuscript has so many contractions/abbreviations they seem to litter the page. There are some faint notations that may be punctuation. It would be nice to have some feedback about the idiosyncracies of Latin texts to better enable transcription @siobhanleachman & @meg_shuler are using this as a guide as well as We are planning on expanding the abbreviations but the Transcription Centre would prefer if we use brackets [[ ]] rather than parentheses for the expansion. Hope that helps. "7" is actually a Tironian et; I have transcribed as such in brackets. I am working on adding in the ligatures I can recognize so far; will come back to it. -megshu First line: it seems boetii not boezy - mariomar mariomar, I agree. I have unbracketed it. my last issue with this page (and any others) is punctuation. -megshu

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