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[[female symbol]] [[strikethrough]] 485 X 150 X [[/strikethrough]] 58
[[strikethrough]] [[male symbol]] 715 X 305 X 73 [[/strikethrough]]
Goodnight Ranch
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665 X 280 X 70
L. 1/1. A 2/2, P. 3/3 [[female symbol]]
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Mink. [[male symbol]] 590 X 185 X 69. 
[[line across page]]
J. L. Hayes
Gainesville, Tex.
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[[strikethrough]] Lent to B. [[el D?]] $30.00 [[/strikethrough]]
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S. [[I blivesto?]]. [[female symbol]] 250 X 80 X 33
Washita Falls, Aug, 16. 
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Lepus s. [[female symbol]] 390 X 50 X 90
Whichita Falls, Aug. 17 
[[line across page]]
P.D [[female symbol]] im. 332 X 78.62 [[line across page]]
Lepus s. [[male symbol]] 370 X 50 X 89 
[[line across page]]
P. D. [[female symbol]] 425 X 90 X 60
I. 1/1 A. 2/1, P 1/1
[[line across page]]
P. D. [female symbol]] 385 X 83 X 61
I. 1/1, A. 2/2, P. 1/1

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[[underline]] Field Notes [[/underline]]
Vernon Bailey
U. S. Dpt. of Agl.

Kiowa, Aug. 31,
Lepus syli 362 X 45 X 82 
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Lepus [[female symbol]] 590 X 80 X 128 
[[line across page]]
Geomys [[male symbol]] 208 X 66 X 30
Aug. 26

Transcription Notes:
Lepus syl = Lepus sylvaticus = cottontailed rabbit Why does the focus on the page change constantly? I can't read some of the text, but if I save or wait a while the text will be in focus and other parts of the document will be out of focus. Sometimes, the original image screen on the left is completely black. There's a bit of an issue at the mo re website. I've let them know at via twitter and hopefully it will be fixed soon.

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