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[[underlined]] Aug. 3, 92 [[/underlined]]
Left Garden Plain at 6:45 A.
[[underlined]] Wichita [[/underlined]] 7:30 A.M.

[[underlined]] Melvane [[/underlined]]
All clay soil, No [[greenery?]]

[[underlined]] Udall [[/underlined]]
Clay prairie
[[underlined]] Seley [[/underlined]]
Clay soil, Rock ledges & cliffs. 
Timber along stream as at Cedar Vale -
[[underlined]] Winfield [[/underlined]]
dry, rocky, rolling

[[underlined]] Arkansas City [[/underlined]]
Crossed Arkansas R.
Plants along River same as at Cedar Vale - 
[[underlined]] Territory line [[/underlined]]
big grassy prairie
slightly rolling
clay soil
no farms, cutting hay
Boundless prairie, splendid
grass, gentle swells

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One Geomys hills on bank, all clay. No settlers in sight. 
Corvus americanus 12
[[underlined]] Kildare [[/underlined]]. station

Transcription Notes:
Checked latin, kept Vernon's spelling, anything unsure of I put in [[?]]