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[[underlined]] Dec. 24. [[/underlined]] 93.

Left Washington at 10.40 P.M.

[[underlined]] Dec. 25. [[/underlined]]
Daylight at Williamsport, Penn. 
Engine ran off track & delayed us 1:20 so reached Renovo at 10 A.M. 
[[underlined]] Renovo, Penn. [[/underlined]]
White oak.
Red oak.
Quercus prinus ?
Castanea  com.
Pinus strobus " [[Ditto for: com.]]
" [[Ditto for: Pinus]] inops ? " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Tsuga canadenisis " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Juniperus virginianus " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Laurel abn.
Bass wood " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Juglans cinerea a few.
Hickora com.
Witch Hazle, in blossom " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Sasfras com. 
[[strikethrough]] Xanithoxylum [[/strikethrough]] " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Rhus (velvety) " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Ceanothus " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Gaulthera procumbens " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Mitchella ripens " [[Ditto for: com.]]

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Princess pine com.
Robinia pseudocassia " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Sycamore " [[Ditto for: com.]]
Juglans nigra " [[Ditto for: com.]]

Transcription Notes:
Transcription Centre has asked that volunpeers transcribe do, ditto and " as [[Ditto for: text]] This will hopefully be added to their instructions when they are finished. Acer = a genus of trees or shrubs commonly known as maple. Ceanothus L. is a genus of about 50–60 species of shrubs or small trees in the family Rhamnaceae. Sometimes Vernon writes Ce so it ends up looking like a capital a. Checked Latin species names, kept Vernon's original spelling and anything I'm not sure of I've left in [[?]]. Some misspellings listed below. Sasfras = Vernon probably means Sassafras Xanithoxylum = Vernon probably means Zanthoxylum Gaulthera = Vernon probably means gaultheria but as I can't work out second word have left both in [[?]] Mitchella ripens = Vernon probably means mitchella repens Robinia pseudocassia = this is definitely what he wrote but he may mean robinia pseudoacacia com. probably stands for "common" and is set off in its own column with a large space before it.

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