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[[underlined]] Drurys Run, Penn. [[/underlined]]
Blue Jay    com. 
Parius atricapillus  " [[Ditto for: com]
Tree Sparrow  " [[Ditto for: com]
Crossbills, heard  " [[Ditto for: com]
Spinus tristis, heard 
Driobatus villosus  1
Bonassa 3

[[underlined]] Renovo [[/underlined]]
Juncos  a few
Passer domesticus, com 
Eagle     1

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[[underlined]] Drury Run, Penn. [[/underlined]]

Condylura cristata, described 
Arvicola riparius
Sciuropterus,  reported
Tamias   " [[Ditto for: reported]]
Sciurus hudsonicus " [[Ditto for: reported]]
" [[Ditto for: Sciurus]] carolinsis " [[Ditto for: reported]]
Zapus  " [[Ditto for: reported]]
Erethizon " [[Ditto for: reported]]
Lepus americanus   " [[Ditto for: reported]]
" [[Ditto for: Lepus]] sylvaticus, one [[taws?]]
Skunk, track seen, 
Coon, skin on shed.
Mink a few, reported.
Otter  " " [[Dittos for: a few, reported]]
Beaver, rare now. 
Bear, common
Deer, " [[Ditto for: common]]
Red fox, a few. 
Mustela americana, used to be
Putorius  a few.
[[underline]] Renovo [[/underline]] " [[Ditto for: a few]]
Neotoma    com. 
Lynx rufus  1 track

Transcription Notes:
Checked Latin species names, left Vernon's original spelling, anything I'm not sure of is in [[?]]. Some difficult ones to find on Google are below- Bonassa = ruffed grouse Renovo = place in Penn.,_Pennsylvania Sorex = shrew Blariva = little brown shrew Arvicola riparius = LONG-HAIRED MEADOW-MOUSE

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